Winning Poker Hands Explained: What Are They?

Poker Hands

The term “hand” in poker refers to a player’s hand of cards. Making the finest five-card hand. A combination of your own cards and community cards is the aim of the game. The list of various poker hands in order of highest to lowest value is below:

Royal Flush

In many poker variations, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, a Royal Flush is the best hand that is made. The 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit, such as the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of hearts, make up this kind of hand. Since there are only four possible combinations in a standard 52-card deck. It is rare and difficult to make. In poker, a Royal Flush is the best possible hand and is often seen as the peak of success. When two players both have a Royal Flush, the pot is between them equally.

Straight Flush

Only a Royal Flush beats the Straight Flush in poker hand rankings. Although the Straight Flush’s cards are not all the royal or “Broadway” variety. They are still in order, unlike the Royal Flush. Thus, a Straight Flush is five cards in the proper order, all of which are the same suit, such as 10-9-8-7-6 (All Hearts). Since it is one of the best poker hands and has a lot of power in theory, this hand is far from perfect.

The Straight Flush has the exact same issue as a pure Straight. What happens if your opponent has 8-9 if you capture the bottom end of a Straight Flush? Say with 3-4 Hearts in your hand and 5-6-7 Hearts on the board. (Reply: They win well).

Also, like with the simple Flush. There is a greater chance that the other player will beat you with the final card. If there are four community cards that could form a Straight Flush.

Four of a Kind

Four cards with the same rank (such as 4-4-4-4-X) but different suits make up a four-of-a-kind. The player with the higher set of four cards ranks higher if two players both have a Four-of-a-Kind.

The person with the Sixes wins, for example, if one player has 6-6-6-6-3 and another has 4-4-4-4-3. This is because six is the higher number. If two players each have a Four-of-a-Kind of equal value. The person with the highest “kicker” (also known as the “spare” or “side” card) wins the hand.

Even though two different Four-of-a-Kind hands are quite uncommon when they do. You are going all in and risking losing everything if you lose.

When holding Four-of-a-Kind, you shouldn’t worry about the strength of your hand. Because it makes your opponents’ boards so obvious that the real test is to convince someone to bet on you.

Full House

 When you have three cards of the same rank and a pair of cards of a different rank. Such as 6-6-6-4-4 or 10-10-10-2-2, you have a full house. Although the “Set” part of the Full House is what counts in this situation. The highest-ranked Pair is the winner when two players have an equal-ranked “Three-of-a-Kind.”

The Full House is a strong hand but like the Straight and the Flush. You must check the community cards for any possible problems. You will need one of three situations to hit a Full House;

  • A Set appears on the board when you are holding a Pair. The board is 3-3-9-3-10, and let’s pretend you have 77. (This is ‘7’s over 3’s’)
  • You have two separate cards in your hands, one of which is also a Pair with a card on the board. The board now reads 3-3-7-7-10, and you are holding Daniel Negreanu’s famous hand of 7-10.
  • If you have a pair, another pair along with a card that matches your pair already on the board. This time, you have 77 again, and the community cards are 3-3-9-7-10 on the board.


 If you have five cards of the same suit, such as Q-10-7-3-2 (all one suit, such as Clubs). They don’t have to be in any particular order to form a flush. The player holding the highest card will win if they encounter a Flush when they have one themselves. If your opponent had Q-J-7-4-2 and you had K-9-7-4-2 of Spades. For instance, you would win the hand because the King is the highest card.


After reading this article, you need to have a good idea of the various hand rankings. The best poker hands, and some starting advice on what could happen with them.

There is no alternative for practice if you want to master this as a natural mental process. Many of the top poker sites offer freerolls and tournaments with cheap entry fees (as low as 1 cent). Allowing you to practice your abilities with no risk. When playing in real-time with other players.

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