Which Version of Roulette Is Better: American or European?


Roulette is a well-liked game among casino fans. It is one of the most popular games at reputable online casinos. It has simple rules, and players can now enjoy live online roulette from any location.

The chance to win a million dollars if luck is on your side is one of the reasons why many people play roulette. However, it also has the ability to quickly make you quite poor. Roulette is the game for you if you enjoy taking risks and trying your luck. You need to be aware of the many roulette types before you start playing. Each has a unique house edge.

American and European roulette is the most popular version. In this article, we will discuss these two versions of roulette. Moreover, we will know which version is better and has the best chance of winning.

European Roulette

The most well-known variation of roulette is European Roulette. As a result, both pro and casual gamblers choose to play this game. This variation is well-known all throughout the world. Though it is likely more common in Europe. Most of the casinos in the USA and Canada also offer this game.

The wheel in this variant has 37 pockets or divisions. The pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 and rotate between black and red colors, with one pocket being green. The wheel in European roulette is in the middle of the table. Also, there are a few layouts on either side that mirror images of one another. There is a dedicated dealer for each layout. Therefore a game of European roulette can fit a number of players.

In European Roulette, there are mainly two kinds of bets. For a specific layout, you can place an inside bet on a group of numbers or a single number. Since you’ll be betting on the features of various numbers, outside bets have a larger chance of winning. For example, you can bet on the color, range, or even/oddness. Here, you must keep in mind that there are also 18 red-colored odd numbers between 19 and 36. The last 18 numerals are all odd, between 1 and 18, and black in color.

The win and loss chances are nearly equal. But because the wheel has a zero, they are not quite equal. Outside bets have a higher chance of winning. So even if you are less likely to win big at one time. You still obtain good returns from placing them. Zero cannot be either odd or even. Hence its purpose is to prevent winners of even-money bets. If the ball lands on zero, you lose all odd and even bets. The house has a benefit.

The basic difference between American and European roulette is that the latter prevents casino employees from placing bets on a player’s behalf. There is no chance for declared bets. Since the number sequence is completely different. However, rules are not needed if you are playing at an online casino.

Moreover, there is only one zero pocket in European roulette. Compared to American roulette, the odds are better. The European version is always advised by gambling specialists since the house edge is so low (2.70%). European Roulette is without a doubt the best option if you want to earn long-term income.

American Roulette

As the name implies, this game is well-liked all over the United States. However, you may also obtain this variety outside of the United States. You can place a bet on an extra number when playing this variation. This is because the wheel contains an additional zero pocket.

There are 36 numbers, which are the same as those in European roulette. There are so a total of 38 divisions. Although the gameplay is unchanged by the extra zero pockets. Your chances of winning are impacted. Regardless of the bet, American Roulette is often not in favor of the player. The additional pocket for a zero increases the house’s edge, which in this case is 5.26%.

American Roulette games allow the surrender rule. When this rule is in effect. If the ball lands in either of the two zero pockets. You will receive 50% of your bet returned. However, you can only use this option after placing an even-money bet. This rule is noteworthy because it significantly lowers the house advantage for the American edition. Reducing it to 2.63%, which is even lower than the European version.

You receive a 6 to 1 payoff if you’re lucky and the ball lands on one of the five numbers. However, due to the extremely high house edge of 7.89% for this inside bet, it is just not worthwhile. You may place a similar inside bet using zero and the first three numbers on the European Roulette wheel as well. Since the house edge is the same in this bet. For the player, the chances are better.


We can observe that European Roulette has the greatest chances after looking at these Roulette variants. The source claims that this variant has the lowest house edge, at 2.7%. Pro gamblers prefer real wheels to RNG software-based wheels. Which can sometimes be defective.

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