When is the Best Time to Split in a Blackjack Game?

Blackjack Game Split

Blackjack is a versatile casino game that has been in the mainstream for a very long time now. There are multiple versions of Blackjack and for most of the versions, Blackjack game split is quite an important action. Usually when a player is dealt with one of the same cards the player has an option to split the cards into two individual and new hands. In this way, the bet is doubled. Now each player can play the two newly created hands and eventually gets not one but two chances to beat the dealer. As the game progresses to higher levels, knowledge of when to split the pairs becomes very crucial. Each card value demands a special kind of treatment while splitting.

When is Blackjack Game Split a Great Idea?

Here are a few situations under which you should mandatorily consider the Blackjack game split.

Splitting the Aces

Aces are the first cards in the deck and Blackjack calls for a splitting of the aces almost every time they are dealt to you. Whenever you are dealt with a pair of aces, there is no second thought about card management because card splitting is the one and only option in this case. Splitting the aces gives you quite an upper hand in the game.

Split the Eight

Apart from aces the other card type that demands for splitting is the card eight. Almost every Blackjack expert will instruct you to split the eights because of the amazing results that it yields. This Is mostly because you never get the best outcome of a game if you play the eight with a single hand. In fact, playing with an eight in Blackjack is quite risky and under no circumstance do you get a fantastic chance, but splitting makes the chances fairer.

If a player has to play one hand with two eights, the figure starts with 16. This is a very weak hand. In the game of Blackjack anything above 5 causes busts so it is not quite wise to play single handed. On the other hand, splitting the eight will never let your game bust out and a favorable hand awaits the game.

Re-Splitting the Eight

In fact, resplitting the eights is also considered wise in the game. That means if you are dealt with a second pair of eights, do consider resplitting that pair as well. When you are dealt with a second pair of the eights, re-split the same. This may need you to triple the original bet while splitting it in the first place was like doubling it up. When you re-split the flights, some of the Blackjack house rules might vary. Splitting Cards of any value is applicable to a maximum number of three times in the game.

When Should You Never Split?

You should never consider splitting the tens. Playing ten single handed enhances chances of winning. By splitting it to 5 you only reduce the chances of this great gameplay. If you ever think of splitting a ten, be sure that you need an ace to make the game better. Looking at the game statistics, splitting a ten to make it 5 has never been an ideal option for dealing with the tens. The only time when you can consider splitting the tens is perhaps when you are into card counting. If you are truly counting cards and you know there are plenty of tens left in the deck, you can then probably go for splitting the tens.

Splitting fours is also not a great idea when it comes to Blackjack. Splitting the four will lead to two twos and that in itself is quite weak a hand. Same goes for splitting fives. Five has quite a strong hand when it is being played individually whereas when it is split, the chances of winning get slim.

Final Words

Now you might be in a dilemma, then what about the other cards? Well, a blackjack game split is a great idea for the blackjack games, but you need to know which cards. Other than the ones discussed above, one might also consider splitting the two, three, and seven cards. But only when the dealer shows a hand of something lower than seven. Splitting six will work out only when the dealer shows a two through the six.

You can definitely try out on Blackjack game split if you know the whereabouts of the game and are confident enough to deal with the cards in whichever way they approach.

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