What Numbers Hit the Most in Keno Games?

Keno Games

Keno is one of the popular gambling games that are very similar to Bingo and Lotto. The origin of this game is China, in the 7th century. So you can also say that it is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. However, Keno Games made their way to the US around the mid-19th century and became famous. Catching the numbers at Keno is the most important thing that every gambler wants.

To catch a number means to guess that number correctly and already mark it on your keno ticket. However, the maximum number is 20 catches that never happened before. You can touch the jackpot when you get 15 catches. The spots are the number that you mark on your keno ticket.

The number of catches and spots are related to each other. Most Keno players are searching for the best patterns and luckiest numbers to play. Yet, keno numbers are picked from random number generators endorsed by the bodies responsible for issuing gaming licenses. So, if you are still searching for numbers that tie with luck, here are some suggestions you might like to try.

The Most Hit Numbers in Keno:

With the maximum number drawn being 20, you don’t need to pick that many since the odds are against you. The odds are correctly guessing only 14 numbers is 1:390 million, and choosing all 20 is considered impossible. The five numbers most frequently drawn in Keno Games are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72.

Although these most hit numbers will change as you refer back to the; last draw numbers in your particular variant of Keno. With cold numbers 7, 12, and 23, it is worth remembering that numbers are chosen randomly by the computer. Therefore choices are highly unpredictable since prior performance has no connection with future performance. Most players feel that it adds to the game’s entertainment.

The Math behind Keno:

Your chances of guessing one number out of 80 are 0.25%. It will make the Keno Games one of the most difficult gambling games to win. The casino house edge for Keno Games can be between 40% and a massive 70%, which depends on how and under which rules you play the game. If you play the game through state strategy, you must choose the numbers from the rotating drum. However, the Keno balls are all the same. It eliminates any chances that some numbers are more likely to get drawn than others. Instead of a drum, if you are playing Keno Games in an online casino, the game will use a random number generator for the draws.

It is a computer-based system. Therefore, it doesn’t use any recognizable patterns for drawing numbers. When you are playing an RNG-certified game, it guarantees that the outcomes are fair to all players. If you are hoping for the highest payout, guessing 10 out of 10 numbers, you need to know that the chances are 1 in 10 million. It will make Keno Games one of the most unlikely gambling games in which you could win a jackpot.

According to the calculations, the best chance of winning money back in Keno is playing the 6-spot game. In those games, the house edge is around 43%. On the other hand, playing the 10-spot game will improve the casino edge to 70%. It will make it the most difficult type of Keno.

Keno Strategy:

There are two types of number generators in Keno, hot and cold. Overall, both numbers make no difference to the next outcome of the Keno Games. It is because; each number has the same chance of being drawn, whether it has been drawn a certain percentage in the prior games.

So, have fun choosing your numbers. However, if you want to choose them according to a special event like birthdays, anniversaries, and lucky numbers, you should, as they have the same chance as those hot numbers we mentioned above. In this way, when you win with these numbers, it will be a lot more special for you. 


Keno is a simple yet difficult game with plenty of rules and non-rules. Most Keno players will choose between 5 and 10 numbers, which depends on the odds that offer on various game variants since the optimal variant on some Keno Games may be only 5 or 6 numbers. Of course, playing with your favorite numbers is fun, but consider other strategies. In Keno, a payout depends on the percentage of numbers that you match or catch.

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