What is Craps Dice Game, and How is it Played?

Craps Dice Game

Craps is a casino table game that uses two dice, a board, and chips to place bets. Up to 20 people take turns being the “shooter” and rolling the dice when they play craps. A Craps dice game is where the goal is to guess right what the shooter will roll on the dice. Bets are made on the “come-out roll,” the first roll of the dice in the game. In this round, it’s up to the players whether the dice land on a 7, 11, or 2 (Don’t Pass Bet). If the total value of the dice is 7 or 11, or 2, 3, or 12, the game is over. This is called “craps.”

The game’s next part starts when the dice’s total value is four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or ten. This number is called the “Point.” If a player wants to bet more money on the Craps dice game table, the base dealer will first put a puck on the point number and then take the extra bets. The attacker tries again to roll the die.

Online Craps Instructions: How to Play?

Craps is a casino game popular with people who have never been to a casino. It has easy rules and a lot of action. Whether you play craps online or in a Las Vegas casino, the rules are the same:

  1. Players make a “pass line” and Bet to start a game of craps. To win (or “pass the line”), a craps player must guess that the dice will land on a 7 or 11 (or a 2, 3, or 12) or that they will lose if the dice land on a 2, 3, or 12.
  2. The base dealers add all pass bets to the craps table.
  3. Craps start with the “come out roll,” the first time the shooter throws the dice.
  4. Bettors on the “Pass Line” win if the dice come up 7 or 11. On the other hand, people who bet that the dice will not add up to 2, 3, or 12 wins. If the dice land on any other number, the craps table gets a “point,” and the game continues.
  5. Players can bet on the dice landing on 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or any other numbers. If the dice land on 7, they lose all of their money.
  6. They will keep rolling the dice until the shooter gets a seven or the point.
  7. As long as the shooter gets to the point, they will be the one to roll the dice again. When a seven is roll, the player currently shoots “sevens out,” and a new shooter takes over.

To play the Craps dice game, you don’t have to be good at math. The game is more complicated because players can make many different bets. Craps is a simple dice game where players bet on single numbers and see if they win or lose each time they throw the dice. In the long run, advanced bets like “laying the odds” are key to any winning craps strategy.

Rule of Craps:

Craps is a fast-paced game where it’s hard to figure out the rules just by watching. There are many ways to win at Craps dice game, but there are also many ways to lose. Remember these rules the next time you go to a casino to play craps:

Find a Table for Craps:

Up to 20 people can play craps at once, and each player has a shelf for their chips. Wait until one of these shelves is free before you start playing a game.

Shoot with Etiquette:

In craps, the shooter who makes the shot that wins the game stays the shooter for the next round. This spot is only give to the next shooter when the current shooter gets a seven.

Don’t Separate Dice:

The value of a Craps bet is equal to the sum of the two dice. The dealers in a game will not take bets on individual dice.

Non-Shooters may Win and Lose Bets:

Some players think that betting doesn’t mean anything until you roll the dice. They are playing if a player’s chips are on the Craps dice game table.

Only Bet When the Dealers will take Them:

In craps, it is customary to say out loud when bets are being taken. Everyone at the craps table hates it when a player stops the action when the dealers move around the table.

Tips on How to Win at Craps:

Many casino websites say players can always win at craps if they know how to control the dice. This is not always the case, though. A good idea for new craps players, but there are so many things that can’t control that this strategy might still fail even if you work on it for hours. In a game of craps, the dice must bounce off the table’s edge. This immediately lessens the effect controlling the dice could have on how a game turns out. Not only that, but you can’t control the dice in online craps games.

If you’re new to craps and want to win, the best thing to do is learn about the odds, payouts, and house edge for each Bet. You can start using betting strategies in a game once you know which Craps dice game bets pay out the most or where the dice are most likely to land. You can use this information and the different craps strategies to improve your chances of winning when you play craps online.


Craps dice game is considered the most exciting play in a casino. There are many different ways to bet, making the game hard. You can make a few easy bets if you are starting out. The game is over when the shooter rolls a seven or the point number.

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