What is a Random Number Generator in Casino Games?

Random Number Generator

RNG or Random Number Generator is practically the backbone of the online gambling and casino system. The licensed and official online casinos rely on the system of RNG to generate results and declare results. The randomness for chance-based result outcomes is totally dependent on RNG. The RNG software systems used by authentic casinos all have a fair gaming system and are tested by third-party tools and licensing bodies to make sure there is absolutely no discrepancy in the results generated. A lot of players, especially the novice ones, are quite in the dilemma of whether RNG is reliable or not.

Random Number Generator – How Does It Work?

Let us now explore more about the system and understand how it really works.

RNG in simple language is a specially curated computer program that helps to predict casino results. The number sequences generated by them are not in any fixed pattern and are purely based on luck and chance. Whenever requested (as per game demands), they generate a particular sequence of numbers that does not follow any rules or patterns. The two most common methods followed by RNGs to generate results are true random and pseudo-random systems. RNGs are used to determine the outcome or result of each spin.

Now that we know much about RNGs, it is time to understand how the RNGs actually work, especially in the case of slot machines in online casinos.

In the case of slots, let us presume that there are three reels per slot and 10 symbols for each reel. Now the task of RNG is to assign a particular value to each symbol. If these can form a winning combination, the slot game will be highly beneficial to the player. Land-based casinos also use this RNG technology in many of their modern slot machines (not only online casinos).

The RNG ensures fairness in the game in several ways. A genuinely tested RNG will always generate unbiased results that are unpredictable in all respects – which clearly means that all numbers of the sequence have a fair share of being chosen and selected. The specialized hardware and software duo used by online casinos to make this possible is truly technologically advanced and always ends up producing an arbitrary number sequence. Even the best casinos employ personal auditors for game verification. The games are statistically tested to ensure that all the results are random and absolutely nothing is biased.

Misconceptions About Random Number Generator

When discussing RNGs, here are some of the most common myths that must be busted. RNGs are extremely crucial in today’s online gambling environment to ensure game fairness, still, there are plenty of confusions and misconceptions revolving around them. Let us have a look at some of the common myths and learn the truth about them:

Myth: RNGs are manipulated by casinos

Reality: Casinos can never manipulate RNGs. RNG is a computer-generated program without any sort of manual intervention of the casino. Any RNG that is tried, tested, and suitably implemented can never be biased and cannot even be controlled by a third party.

Myth: RNGs are either hyped or very cold

Reality: None of the unbiased RNGs are of the hot or cold type. There is no specific slot machine that is either the best or the worst – everything lies in the moderate zone. One can try to predict some outcome based on the recent history of the RNG. But that in no way can ultimately decide the success of the machine. It is possible for a slot machine to pay our jackpots in two consecutive spins – it is after all the game where nothing is impossible.

Myth: Results in RNG can be predicted

Reality: RNGs are totally unpredictable. The sequence of numbers produced by any tested RNG machine can never be predicted. It can lead to winning for some players while losing for others. However, it can never under any circumstance be predictable.

Though RNGs are extremely accessible and easy to play with, here are some of the core tips to play the best at Casino slots:

  • Never exceed your budget. While casino games like slots can get extremely exciting and fun to play, you should know when to stop.
  • Only go for reputable casinos because RNG at these platforms are tried, tested, third-party verified, and will never deceive the players.
  • Move over your losses. If you have started a losing streak, don’t panic or get reckless. Instead, focus on how to move forward with the game.

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