What Are the Different Side Bets of Blackjack Game?

Blackjack Side Bets

When playing real money online blackjack, side bets are a terrific method to win a lot of money from a single hand. Blackjack side bets are when there is a little added bet that you can make on a particular result for each hand besides the main game. For example, there’s a blackjack variation called Super Sevens with a side bet. Where you win the jackpot if you hit three sevens to make 21. You can read about the best side bets for blackjack in 2023 as well as how they operate in our article on side bets.

Introducing side bets in blackjack

Online casinos have seen an increase in the popularity of blackjack side bets than land-based casinos have. This is because they can afford to pay more back to the customer. 

All the most well-known blackjack side bets that we have grown to love are listed in this article. It includes Perfect Pairs, Lucky Ladies, Blackpot, Royal Match, Lucky, 21+3, and more.

If you play blackjack, you notice or see many unique versions of the conventional game. Since blackjack is among the most played casino card games worldwide. It makes sense that the game will see many new additions. While some are different, others are almost the same as the original template.

Side bets are a common feature that is added to the classic game of 21. Although side bets give extra payouts and change the game’s mechanics. They otherwise follow the standard blackjack format in that they are placed off your main bet and hit 21.

Blackjack Side Bet Types


Players can choose to take the insurance side bet before the dealer checks their hole card. After the first two cards are dealt the dealer’s face-up card is an ace.

The bet offers protection from the higher chance that the dealer will have blackjack. Which is a two-card hand with a value of 21. When you gamble up to half of your initial stake and have odds of 2/1. The player breaks even on the hand if the dealer does hold blackjack.


Payers who nail the desired 6-7-8 combination at Melbourne’s Crown Casino’s famed Blackpot side bet stand to win big. With a small stake of usually $1. The player receives a 10-1 payment as soon as he or she draws any combination of a Six, Seven, or Eight with his or her first two cards. The combinations cannot be of the same value. If you choose to hit continue the side bet. A 100-1 payout will be given if the 6-7-8 combination is completed with the value of the second card, for a total of 21. If this happens, the side bet is carried over to the player’s next hand at no extra cost. And the payouts increase if the player manages another winning combination. Any three cards in the following two-card combo pay up 1000-1. And the 6-7-8 three-card combo on this second consecutive hand can pay out up to $20,000.

Lucky Ladies

This side bet is based on a player’s first two cards, which must total 20 points. It is well-liked both in the online gaming community and across the United States. Two non-suited cards, two suited cards, and two matching cards of the same suit and rank. A pair of Queens of Hearts, and finally the sought-after pair of Queens of Hearts with a dealer blackjack. It yields a payout of 1000:1. These are the various options for the first two cards totaling 20. Each of these holds a different payout for this side bet.

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs side bet is one of the easiest to learn. Thus, it is one of the most popular side bets in the blackjack game. It is also very fun to play. If a player has the first two cards and they have the same value, the person wins. Three kinds of pairs exist a mixed pair. It consists of two cards that are different in color and suit but have the same rank. A colored pair, which consists of two cards that are different in suit alone. And a perfect pair, which consists of two identical cards. The lowest payment goes to a mixed pair. The next highest payout goes to a colored pair. And the highest payout goes to a perfect pair.

Royal Match

The player’s first two cards are the only factor in this side bet. The player receives a bonus payout (usually 2.5 to 1) if their first two cards are suited, such as a seven and four of spades. There is a 25:1 payment for drawing a “royal match,” which is defined as a suited King and Queen. Depending on how many decks are used in a game, there are different house edges for this bet.


Blackjack side bets are common because they are simple to learn and simple to carry out. And have high payouts when placed independently of the main hand. Blackjack side bets are fun and appealing, but we should only use them sometimes. Since the house edge in blackjack side bets is always much bigger than in the standard game. Side bets can have a house edge of anywhere from 2% to 75%—players cannot expect to always win money when they bank on them.

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