What are the Different Side Bets in a Baccarat Game?

Baccarat Side Bets

Want to play online casino games to relax your mood and freshen up your mind? Then, Baccarat is probably the best option for you. A perfect game that comes without any potential complexities. A simple decision on heads or tails and that is it. No difficult thoughts or rocket science for strategizing. Therefore, a bland game that can actually lead you to huge wins. Baccarat can be made even better with the baccarat side bets.

Baccarat Side Bets Explained

Though the gameplay is simplistic, there exists multiple side bets in the game to add chances of winning and make it even more interesting. Side bets as the name suggests are a type of bonus bets placed in the game. They offer a much higher payout than the regular gaming bets and are initiated at the game’s beginning before the regular bets are dealt to the players. If you can get along well, there are literally a dozen of baccarat side bets

Here are some of the most popular types of side bets in the Baccarat game

Bellagio Match

A super exciting animated dealer will host the game. With a house edge of 5.27%, the game comes with a payout of 75.1. The game is three of a kind that involves multiple players. Therefore, the rate of win is quite high and this particular side bet is indeed profitable.

All Red / All Black

In this bet the player lays their hand on either all the red components of the game. Therefore, that is all the red cards – hearts and diamonds. Or they can lay their hands at all the black components of the game that are clubs and spades cards. Moreover, the payout for all black cards is 24:1 while the payout for all red cards is 22:1.

Double 8

This bet works double faced – it is beneficial for both the banker and the player. Both their hands have an eight value. With a payout of 15:1, this bet is indeed one of the must try if you are planning to win it really big and quick.

Egalite Bets

It is tied to each Baccarat round and both the banker and player’s hand will be at the same value in this bet.

Royal Match

A perfect bet if you want to try out something adventurous with your betting journey. In this bet at the opening hand, either the player and banker will be given a Queen or King. If the cards turn out to be of the same suit, the payout is usually 5:1. Therefore, If they are of the different suits, the payout is 25:1.

Three Card 6

In this bet, either the player or the banker gets a three card hand. The cumulative value of the cards is six. If it is only one out of the banker or player, the payout is usually 8:1. Therefore, if both can do the same, the payout is 100:1.

Same Suit Opening

Two cards of the same suit are involved in this game. Either the player and banker gets to open the bet. This particular bet comes with a 2:87: 1 payout if it is on the part of the player. However, if a banker gets it, the payout will be 2:86:1.

Panda 8

With a promising payout of 25:1, the player gets a three card hand which is valued at eight. Furthermore, it is a fun side bet to play and one of the most played bets.

Lucky or Unlucky 8

Lucky 8 is a great bet, mostly placed by the players. In this bet, either the banker or the player wins the round and it is through a value or eight hand win. Whoever can predict the bet correctly, gets a payout of 4:1.

This is almost a reverse of the Lucky 8 bet in the game. The rules are quite the same, just flipped out. Therefore, the payout of this side bet is 8:1.

Final Words

Now that we have discussed well and beyond about Baccarat side bets, let us understand whether they are worth it or not. In the very first place, you truly cannot apply any strategy with the Baccarat side bets. Moreover, It is all a matter of chance and strategizing hardly works with this one. It is purely meant for fun and enjoyment and to boost winnings from the game. However, you can definitely rock your game of Baccarat by placing exciting side bets.

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