What are Sucker Bets in Casino Games | How to Avoid Them?

Sucker Bets

If you have been into active gambling, there is no way that you have missed the term sucker bets. Sucker bets is a particular term used in the gambling industry that refers to a gambling wager in which the odds of winning are absolutely low. Most people think that casinos will make them lose money, but that is not always true. To incur minimal losses, the players have to stay away from placing sucker bets. After all, who likes to be a sucker yet the casino industry relies a lot for their profits on players making sucker bets.


This is the first category of sucker bets that any online casino player must avoid when they are into any kind of game. Nothing is worse than putting your hard-earned money in a casino on a lottery bet. Lottery bets are actually an umbrella term that encompasses almost any kind of draw in the game. Whether new or pro player, it is definitely not recommended to invest money in lottery bets.


Insurance bets are one of the most common types of bets placed by a player in any online casino. But it is considered a sucker’s bet. Insurance bets usually pay 2 to 1 and players can bet up to half of the value of the bet at hand. Furthermore, insurance bets only make the players lose their money in the short and long run. Insurance betting is mostly done in the game of Blackjack and it is truly going to drown any player. Insurance betting is an example of bad betting.

The insurance bets, which are mostly popular through the Blackjack Insurance bets are one of the worst kinds of bets to invest in. The odds are not at all favorable and the amateur players can drown their fortune in the quest of these bets. Most players lose the insurance wager with no scope to return back or recover even their original money. Insurance bets appear extremely lucrative in the short run but not at all profitable in the long run.

Slot Bets

You must have been surprised to hear that slot bets are a sucker bet but they truly are. Slots are one of the most profitable games in the world of casinos. It is still considered as a sucker bet. For players who have very poor ideas about the house edge differences across the games. This one is surely going to be a sucker bet. Some house edges could be 25 while some can be 12%. This massive difference makes it difficult for the players to choose. That makes slots a real-time sucker bet (especially if you do not have any idea about it).

American Roulette

Professional players unanimously agree on the fact that American Roulette is one of the biggest sucker bets in the world of online casinos. With a house edge of almost 5.26% and an RTP of 94.74%, American Roulette can pull you down if you are not a pro at handling it. So, it is a general industry rule to opt for the European or French Roulette instead of the American version. The UK and Franco Roulette have comparatively less house edge unless you want to risk all of your hard-earned money. It is best to go for these.

Inside Bets – Craps

Some players started playing online casino games because they were in love with Craps. Yes, you got that right, that is how immensely popular Craps is and the Inside bets of this game are even more popular. But, never fall into the trap that the Indie bets in craps will lead you to win huge money because they can’t. Out of all the other bets offered in the game of Craps, the Inside bets perhaps have the lowest house edge. To be able to successfully place the inside bets at the craps table is a big challenge and not many can ace it.

Poor Video Pokers

The final sucker bet is the poorly paying video poker. However, poker as a game is quite yielding and does not lead to much loss. Video poker without good pay at the table is truly a loss of your time, bankroll, and energy. Pokers also need some great strategy for winning, but you have to choose the best pokers.

Choose your bets wisely and say not to sucker bets to make your game better, profitable, and exciting.

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