Ways To Meet Wagering Requirements of Casino Bonuses    

Wagering Requirements

We’ll go over the wagering requirements in this handy guide. We’ll share our best betting tips even if you can’t beat them. Read on to find out how to calculate wagering requirements and pick the best deals. If you follow our instructions, you will never lose your winnings!

What are the betting conditions?

Priorities first! Let’s look at wagering requirements and how they relate to online gaming. Any bet placed on an online slot machine, casino game, bingo game, poker game, or other casino game is called a bet. You are paid as bonus money instead of real currency when you receive casino bonus money. Conversely, any payouts (also known as winnings) you receive from using the free spins will also be paid out to you as a bonus. This bonus money is usually required for gambling and is kept in a separate wallet.

You cannot withdraw the bonus amount, so you must meet the wagering requirements before withdrawing the money. Both beginners and experienced players often need help understanding these concepts. Your bonus money will be converted to real money once the wagering requirements have been met. You have to complete all these wagering Requirements of a casino to ensure your bonus money is converted into real money so that you can withdraw it easily into your bank account.

How do you know how much money you need to bet?

All casino bonuses that require wagering requirements are the same way: the casino will match a portion of your deposit with the bonus funds. Before depositing, check your bonus wagering requirements (30x, 35x, etc.). The bonus money percentage and bet multiplier will vary depending on the casino and the value of their welcome offer.

For example, some casinos may offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 with 30x the wager, while others may offer a 100% bonus up to €1000 with 30x the wager. If you deposit €200 in the first scenario, you must wager €12,000 (€200 deposit + €200 bonus x 30). If you invest €1,000 in the second scenario, you would have to wager €60,000 (€1,000 deposit + €1,000 bonus x 30).

What guidelines should a player follow when actively betting?

You must follow certain guidelines when using an activated bonus at an online casino with wagering requirements. Follow these rules to ensure your winnings continue. Don’t worry; These requirements are easy to follow, but you should remember them.

The highest wagering requirement is a maximum bet of €5 per spin or turn of play. If you double down on a blackjack hand for €5, your bet will be €10, which is against the casino bonus terms and conditions. Most casinos also prohibit so-called “minimum risk bets,” such as betting on red and black while playing roulette.

Here are a few betting tips:

The tips we will give you are only there to make placing your bet easier. Since slots are random, making a 100% safe bet is impossible. If there had been, the bonuses offered by online casinos would have been discontinued long ago.

  • Select gambling establishments with low betting multipliers.

As you have to bet less money, it may be easier to withdraw the bet if it is lower. Casinos with the lowest Wagering Requirements usually don’t offer the biggest welcome bonuses. It is, therefore, up to you to find the ideal balance between the amount of the bonus and the number of bets you feel comfortable placing.

  • Aim for big wins when playing high-volatility slots.

It is how we like to hedge our bets. In high volatility slots, we initially start with medium bets ($1 per spin for a balance of $500, for example). Because? We need a big profit to increase our chances of closing our bet. That’s why we love random slots that sometimes offer big payouts.

  • Then play the low volatility slot to close your bet.

Once we increase our bankroll, we will continue to play with these medium stakes for a while before returning to play with smaller stakes on low volatility slots. You should aim to maintain a positive balance while getting closer to winning bets. Things may seem tedious and endless, but perseverance will pay off.


Casinos are one of the most popular ways to earn money quickly. But there are many wagering requirements that a casino demands. Here in this article, we have mentioned how you can complete those wagering requirements easily. Read this article if you are facing issues with wagering requirements.

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