Tips to Win When Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Game

Live Dealer Blackjack Tips

Blackjack undoubtedly is one of the most played casino games in today’s world of online gambling. It has become more popular than ever with the lucrative gameplay, high payout, transparency in gaming, and most importantly the multiple variations. Not only RNG-based but the live Blackjack games are more popular than ever. Winning at Blackjack takes time, practice, skills, and most importantly a great understanding of the game. Though it is always best and advisable to stick to the basic gaming rules for winning any type of casino game, there are some popular live dealer Blackjack tips that can make winning easier and much more profitable. Let us explore the best of them:

Chalk Out a Strategy

Do not start out on the game with a blank mind. Do proper research and study to help yourself figure out an optimally working strategy to win the game. Use the blackjack charts that make this task easier to do. Blackjack charts have certain peculiar game conditions defined with the solution to them. While choosing the strategies from the Blackjack chart, ensure that you look into the number of cards in the deck.

Start With a Minimum Bet of 5% of Your Bankroll

The key to not getting duped in the game is not starting with high bets. Experts advise that 5% of the total bankroll is a safe digit to start gambling within the game of live dealer blackjack. Play tables where the bet amount is low. You can also follow multiple other bankroll management strategies of Blackjack to help yourself get a fair idea of the same. For rookies, you can proceed with the Flat betting system as it makes things transparent and easier. Also, check out the low-stakes Blackjack games.

Blackjack Surrender

Quite a popular strategy in the Blackjack platform. Through this strategy, the player can give up their game any time that is surrender on their existing current hand. In this way, they do not win more but they do receive half of the stake that they had placed bet on. This is a great idea for cost-cutting and loss mitigation in case you are facing trouble carrying on with the game. The house edge in this strategy will be pretty low which is close to 0.1%.

Use Bonuses

The live dealer Blackjack games are quite profitable for the casinos as well. So they keep on offering extremely lucrative bonuses to attract the players for playing the live dealer Blackjack games. Card counting hardly increases your chances of winning so it is always a safe option to choose over the loads of casino bonuses to increase your earnings as well as get access to free funds to play the game.

Say No To Insurance Bets

One of the pro live dealer Blackjack tips is never to opt for any game insurance. Insurance bets are surely a turndown for any player who knows the game’s whereabouts. It actually rips you off with an odd of something close to 2:1. The RTP for Blackjack insurance bets is close to 7% which actually is a draining number. In live dealer Blackjack games, the only scenario where you can actually opt for the insurance bets is when the dealer has an Ace as their face-down card. But that requires skilled card counting strategies which novices are bound to lack.

Reputed Casino Platforms

Playing on reputed casino platforms will ensure that you are not falling into a trap that can make you lose money. Check out the reputation, dealer’s license, and also the past track records of the platform before you end up trying out one. Since live dealer games also involve communication parameters, you should always look into the security and customer service parameters along with the legal status of the casino. The only time you can actually experience a smooth and profitable fun experience at any live casino is when you choose the right platform.

Final Words

As already mentioned Blackjack is a game that demands multiple virtues like patience and a combination of skills to get better at it. It is best to start out slow with low bets and then proceed towards higher achievements. It is always better to technically play Blackjack with a full table. Before trying out the live dealer games, players can actually have ample practice with the basic Blackjack games and also follow these fabulous live dealer blackjack tips. Interactive live dealer sessions enhance the vibes of the game.

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