The Low Volatility Casino Games That You Can Play

Low Volatility Casino Games

A lot of people who enter a casino have winning as their main aim. Or perhaps making a small profit or breaking even.

Sadly, there are events when the house edge quickly crushes those hopes. However, if you follow to low volatility casino games. You can eventually make enough extra winnings to tip the odds in your favor.

You need to learn advantage gambling strategies. If you’re serious about starting to win at the casino. You can prevent big losses by playing these low volatility casino games listed below.

3 to 2 Blackjack

The antidote to volatility in gambling is blackjack. It is one of the world best game with low house edge. Blackjack is one of the finest games in the casino for players. Because the house edge is under 2%. On the right table, players can reduce the house advantage to as little as 0.5% by using the basic blackjack strategy.

You must play at the blackjack decks that offer a 3 to 2 payout for a natural blackjack. The volatility of the 6:5 games will be about the same. But the amount of money you earn for a natural will be much lower


There are some bets in craps that can be classified as low volatility. Even though the game is usually thought of as a medium to high volatility casino game. The odds of winning are high, and the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets. Which have a low house edge of about 1.41%, can be defined as low volatility bets.

You simply bet on the shooter rolling a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll when you place a Pass Line bet. Or that the shooter will establish a point number and roll that number once more before rolling a 7. This bet has a 49% chance of winning, making it a low volatility bet with regular wins.

The odds of getting the Don’t Pass Line bet, which is the opposite of the Pass Line bet, are roughly 47%. This bet offers low volatility and a lot of wins.


In baccarat, there are some bets that fall into a group of low volatility. The Banker bet is a common option among baccarat players.  Because it has low volatility and a higher chance of winning.

You are basically betting on the banker’s hand to win the round when you place a Banker bet. One of the lowest house edges of any gambling game can be found in this bet. Which has a house edge of about 1.06%. Depending on the number of decks being used.Tthe Banker bet also has a 45–50% chance of winning, making it a low volatility bet with regular wins.

Single Zero Roulette

Although single zero roulette is usually seen as a medium volatility casino game. There are some bets that can be labeled as low volatility. The roulette even-money bets, such as Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low, have the highest winning chances but give the smallest payouts. These bets can be classified as low volatility bets that often pay off.

In single zero roulette, you effectively bet on half the numbers on the wheel when you place an even-money bet. These bets are low volatility bets with frequent wins because they have an odds of winning of about 48.6%. Even-money bets, however, only pay out at a ratio of 1:1. Which means that you only stand to gain as much as you lose.

Texas Hold’em

As a mix of skill and chance with the potential for significant wins or losses. Texas Hold’em is typically regarded as a medium to high volatility casino game. However, there are some Texas Hold’em games and bets that fall under the low volatility group.

Limit Texas Hold’em, for example, has a set maximum bet per round. Which can help regulate the pot’s size and lessen the chance of significant wins or losses. As a result, Limit Texas Hold’em may be less volatile than No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Which enables players to bet any number of chips at any moment.

Texas Hold’em can also feel more low volatility when played with less players. Such as in a six-max or heads-up game, which can lessen the chance of big swings.


Casino games with low volatility are a great way to keep your bankroll safe and have fun while gambling.

When playing low volatility games, the house will always win over time. So play responsibly even though it’s essential to research any game you choose to play beforehand.

Always have joy while playing, and play at reputable online casinos.

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