The Different Jackpot Slot Types – What Are They?

Jackpot Slot Types

In the US, slot machines are the most popular type of gambling machines. Online gaming sites are dominated by slots as well.

Jackpot slots are among the most played types of slots. With one spin, players can win huge amounts of money in these games.

One of the game’s most thrilling aspects is the slot jackpot. Any kind of jackpot can be fun to trigger, but it’s always a thrilling experience. Players need to be aware of the many jackpot types that exist.

Jackpot Slot Game Types

Slot games fall into two primary categories: jackpot games and non-jackpot games. Types of jackpot slots are divided into five types.

Fixed Jackpot Slots

Fixed prize games are the most common jackpot slot types that you will come across. When a player hits the jackpot on these slots, they can earn a set amount of money in prizes.

The award for a fixed jackpot never changes. The amount is going to be the same as it was yesterday. Also, even after the jackpot is reset and someone wins the prize, it will remain unchanged.

Both physical and online casinos provide a large selection of fixed jackpot games. These games contain rules that players must fulfill to be eligible for the reward. For instance, you might have needed to strike a particular line to win or stake a certain amount.

That is only one of the many reasons you should study the jackpot slots laws before you start playing. If one of the needs is not met, you can lose out on the fixed jackpot payout.

Progressive Jackpot Slot

Progressive slots are another popular kind of jackpot slot type. These jackpots have varying prizes throughout time.

In short, the more people that play the game, the larger these jackpots get. The jackpot is then claimed by one lucky winner. The prize can grow larger the longer it goes without winning.

Every progressive slot machine has an initial bet that the casino sets. The jackpot returns to its initial beginning amount if the prize is won.

In these kinds of games, waiting until the prize increases to a huge sum is a frequent strategy. You can do this to save your money for those crucial moments. These awards are given out at random. To be eligible, though, you might still need to fulfill a few conditions. For example, you could have to play all pay lines or bet the maximum stake amount.

Must Drop Jackpot Slot

Winning certain progressive jackpots can take forever to win. About this particular jackpot slot type, that is untrue. As the name suggests, must-drop jackpots must be won before a specific time limit.

Must drop Jackpot slot has the same building potential as progressive awards. The difference lies in the fact that all progressive awards will continue to grow until a winner is found. Must drop jackpot must be won by a certain deadline.

There is a time limit on each must-drop jackpot. A player’s chances of winning the jackpot rise as the deadline approaches to ensure that the awards are not wasted.

Some must-drop jackpots have conditions that the prize be won before it hits a certain number. Even though these are low prizes, if you can win more than one, the sums can add up rapidly.

Local Jackpot Slot

Local jackpot slots are another popular type of jackpot. These progressive jackpots are exclusive to a single game or gaming device.

This is not the same as standard progressive rewards. It combines winnings from several slot machines. Fewer players can contribute to the total rewards as a result. Yet, there’s also less of a competition for the award.

Local jackpots that are located on land can be particularly hard to win. You’ll have to wait for a seat to open if every machine is full.

Luckily, there are lots of local jackpots accessible on the internet. There are always seats available, so you may still take advantage of the less competition.

By being aware of the casino’s busiest hours, you may further change the degree of competition. The jackpot will grow more if you play during peak hours, but more players will be competing for the prize. Or, you can play during off-peak times to increase your chances of winning a jackpot that builds more slowly.

Multiple Jackpot Slot

Multiple jackpot slots are the last type of jackpot slots on our list. Some casinos find it insufficient to provide a single jackpot for a particular slot machine. Rather, they provide players the opportunity to win several jackpots. Each is larger than the previous one.

Any game that has two or more jackpots can be included in this group. Thus, fixed and progressive multi-jackpot games are both possible.

The conditions needed for the various prize levels may change depending on the game. For example, certain bonus modes may be the only ones where part of the prizes are accessible.


No matter which jackpot slot type you choose to play. You will need a top casino to play them all. You may access whatever type of slot game you wish to play when you play slots online. All jackpot Slot types have their pros and cons. The goal yet remains the same. Gamble responsibly!

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