The Casino Dice Games That You Can Play – A List to Know

Casino Dice Games

The gambling industry is one of the friendliest sectors. This is so that you can play whatever game you choose for free or for real money when you gamble. Despite their wide popularity. Games like poker, blackjack, and slot machines are not your only choice. Dice games, particularly online craps. They have gained popularity as more people sign up for them.

As you wait to see the result, rolling the dice boosts the player. Contrary to popular belief, these games don’t need any special abilities to play. The list of top casino dice games available today is below.

Banca Francesa

 One of the most well-known casino dice games, Banca Francesa, has its origins in Portugal. The dealer, the taxman, and the player all sit around a semicircular table and play the game. Compared to traditional dice games at the casino. The player in this game does not touch the dice. The dealer acts in place of that. The taxman and the player are in charge of gathering and paying the table money and betting chips.

The three dice is roll and shaken by the dealer to begin the game. Your bet’s outcome affects whether you won or lost.

Given that there are only three different sorts of bets available on Banca Francesa. Placing a bet is quite easy. Small or Pequeno, Big or Grande, Aces or Ases.


 The easy version of casino dice game “Sic bo” is Chuck-a-luck. The player has a chance to bet on a variety of outcomes from a roll of three dice. You can choose from one of the five standard bets listed below.

One digit number (10 to 1)

(1 to 1) Field Bet

Higher than 10 (1 to 1)

(Low) Under 11 (1 to 1)

Triple (30 to1)

You shake and roll your dice after making your stake. If you win, you get paid, and the game start again.


The original version of craps is called Hazard. There are many players in this two-dice game. The first player to throw the dice can be any player. If more than one player wishes to begin, they roll the dice to choose who goes first.

The major point is created by the shooter, also known as the caster, throwing the dice to produce any number from 5 to 9. Sometimes it could take more than one throw to get this key point. When the caster throws an ace or a deuce-ace. Or when he throws an 11/12 to a main of five, nine, six, or eight, and twelve to seven, the caster loses. 


 Frontier America saw a huge increase in popularity for the five-dice game. Which has now spread to casinos all around the world. When playing Klondike, your goal is to roll a better hand than the banker. Or a combination that outperforms them to win.

The players then roll their dice after the banker rolls them to set a benchmark. Obtaining one is the highest ranking, identical to an Ace.


 When comparing dice games played in various casinos, craps come out on top. In almost every dice casino in the world, craps is one of the games available. Given that you have the chance to win real money while playing this game, its popularity is not a mistake.

Craps may seem a little scary to beginners during their initial games. On the table, the shooter will roll two dice. And that the players will gamble on the number that the dice will land. Then you are good to go.

Sic Bo

 Sic bo is a well-liked dice game of chance in Asia. It is played with placing the bet with three dice on a table.

“Sic bo” refers to “dice pair” in Chinese. The game didn’t arrive in American casinos until the 1980s, despite being very popular in Asia.

There are many variations of sic bo, but Chuck-A-Luck could be the most well-known. There are many side bets in this Chinese dice game, which is like the well-known game of craps.

“Small” and “big” bets are the common types. The small bet predicts that the three dice’s combined total will fall between 4 and 10. However, the major bet pays between 11 and 17.


 With a few selected casinos, we’ll end our list of the top dice-based casino games. The games that are offered are not the only factor you should think about.

Of course, we’re referring to bonuses for live casinos. When compared to popular casino games like roulette or blackjack, dice-based games are specific goods. Many welcome bonuses have strict wagering requirements. And cannot be used for games like Sic Bo.

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