The Best Craps Strategies to Use – What Are They?

Best Craps Strategies

Craps has been a forever favorite for online casino game lovers all across the world. Craps seems to be quite an easy game but in reality you do need a great understanding of strategies to make the maximum win out of it. Winning at craps and most importantly turning it into a highly yielding game requires  deeper knowledge and understanding of the best craps strategies.

Craps Basics You Need to Know

Here are some of the basics you need to get started with:

Research for the Appropriate Game

Several online casinos feature multiple craps games. Before any player commits to any fund deposition, they should check the rules of the games. Verifying the license of the online casino and having a scrutinized look at the reviews for the same is a core part of researching.

Focus on Maximum and Minimum Betting Limits

The next step is to check for the maximum and minimum betting limits for the particular craps game. If it does not suit you, never get along with the same. The gameplay can be seriously affected if you are not comfortable with the maximum and minimum limits of the game.

Always Learn from the Past Results

The best craps strategy implementation involves learning from the past mistakes. Analyze your results and try learning from it at every stage of your game.

Best Craps Strategies to Ace the Game

If you are a complete beginner, or at any level of the game, here are some of the consolidated best craps strategies to consider. The best part is that, these will help you out at almost any time and level of the game:

Pass Line

One of the simplest yet most effective craps strategies to start with is the Pass Line Strategy. The house edge for craps is 1.41% and at a stand of 1:1, winning is guaranteed. If the dice in the game lands at either 11 or 7, the pass line bet is a win for the players. This is a very basic strategy to implement with a guaranteed payout.

Don’t Come Craps Strategy

Like most other casino games, it is not always about winning by yourself but also ensuring you are ahead of your competitors. In this type of bet, players bet agisnta  shooter who have a don;t pass bet. The player who bets wins the game if the shooter lands on either 2 or 3. Contrarily, they lose if the shooter lands at 7 or 11. The house edge for this strategy is 1.46%. The odds of winning are also somewhat lower because it is the number 7 that is the usual comeout for the maximum number of dice combinations.

Odds Strategy

The craps odds strategy is one of the most potential mathematical winning strategies to implement. The strategy relies on implementation of statistics. This is quite a drake strategy because the bettor needs to practically bet against other players and shooters. The payout for the odds strategy is lower than the others and so it is much less used by the players.

6/8 Strategy

With a lower house edge, this progression strategy is quite popular in the game of craps. Players choose this strategy over any other because in the game, 6 and8 have the second highest chances of winning (the highest chances are of 7). Players can actually rely on this strategy more than any other because it is highly yielding. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can only bet the amount that you can afford to lose.

Best Craps Strategies for Advanced Players

For the advanced players, these strategies may be quite simple. Amd to be honest the advanced players are much more skilled to get along with some more difficult and exciting strategies. Let us have a look at some of them:

Iron Cross Strategy

Most frequently used by players who can predict results. You will start hating the number 7 if you are into this strategy. With the Iron Cross strategy, bettprs can wager with almost any other number other than 7. It is fun to play but does not have the lowest house edge.

Wild Bettor

Want an exciting craps night loaded with adrenaline? This is the perfect strategy to employ. But you have to accept the fact that there are high chances of loss as well.

Rock your Craps game with these amazing strategies.

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