Splitting in Blackjack: What It Is and When Should You Do It?

Splitting in Blackjack

The opportunity to increase your chances if you apply the right blackjack strategy makes this game prominent from other casino table games. Blackjack professionals gather a list of the statistically best moves for every card combination. In addition, that one special move is called Splitting in Blackjack. In Blackjack, splitting might be your ticket to redeeming a lousy hand. When you apply it in the right circumstances with appropriate knowledge, it can be a game changer. In this short guide, you will learn what splitting is and when you should do it in Blackjack. 

What is Splitting in Blackjack?

Most Blackjack games allow you to split pairs. However, if you get dealt two cards the same, you have the option to split the cards and create two new hands. After that, you can carry on betting with both hands. When the cards are split, you place a second stake on each hand, equal to your starting bet. Add a further card or cards to the hand, and you can continue as usual by hitting or standing. You can also double down, where you can make an extra bet for a single additional card. 

The major benefit of Splitting in Blackjack is that you now have twice as much money on the table, perfect if the dealer looks weak. Presuming the dealer goes on to bust, you can now win twice as much money as you would otherwise have. Nowadays, in most live and online casinos, you will not allow playing further with your split hands. Don’t worry; you must stand no matter your total.

When to Split in Blackjack?

The entire move is known as a splitting pair. You can split your cards if your first two cards form a pair. When you split pairs in Blackjack, you play with two hands simultaneously. Therefore, you will have to place a second stake in both. Now the dealer will add the second card for both hands. After that, you will pick whether you want to hit or stand for both. However, some blackjack games will even allow you to double down after Splitting in Blackjack

Pairs that you can Split in Blackjack:

It doesn’t mean you can even allow doing this with any pair. The basic question here is when to split pairs in Blackjack. However, Splitting in Blackjack is a form of art and a mathematical puzzle you must solve. When you solve this puzzle, you will get the best possible result. The thing that mainly affects your decision to split pairs is the dealer’s face-up card. Luckily, there are some statistics.

While there are no guarantees in gambling, there are a few ways to improve your chances. The following card combinations are mathematically beneficial, so you can learn what to look for and avoid. Out of all pairs in Blackjack, two are best to split.

Pairs of Eights:

It is very important to acknowledge that two eights are considered fairly a poor hand in Blackjack. Whether or not you split your first hand, playing your pair eights as one hand doesn’t leave you much wriggle room. Anything above a five will bust you. Splitting them provides you with a better chance of a competitive hand.

Pair of Aces:

Cards with a value of 10 are a lot in Blackjack. Therefore, it makes sense to split a pair of aces. However, if you do not split your aces, one will give you a value of 1 and the other a value of 11. Only a nine can take you to 21 on your next card. Meanwhile, drawing a 10-value card would necessitate counting both aces as ones. This will brings you right back to 12.

Rules of Splitting in Blackjack:

Different variants of Blackjack have different rules when it comes to splitting. It is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind before Splitting in Blackjack. Even some casinos determine their rules for splitting. Some Blackjack games allow you to split 10-value cards if they are on the same rank. For example, you can split a J-J, but you can’t split Q-J. However, both cards are worth 10. Furthermore, you will come across many more limits for splitting and doubling down. 

Some Blackjack games will let you split once again after the first split. On the other hand, some Blackjack games will not allow you to split again. In addition, this is something that can significantly affect your approach to the game. In some Blackjack variants, if you get an ace and a ten after the first split, it will consider a non-blackjack 21. Finally, you will not be able to hit more than once if you choose to split aces.


Splitting in Blackjack allows you to divide a pair into two separate new hands. You must double your original bet; therefore, knowing when to apply the splitting strategy is very important. It is because it has the potential to make or break your game. It is an action that needs a sharp mind and situational awareness, but don’t allow that to intimidate you.

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