Roulette Strategy: Best Way To Win Roulette In Red And Black Bets

roulette strategy

The red and black roulette strategy is often considered the gateway to consistent winning in the game. Well, it is never a 50/50 coin flip situation. Instead, it is a great way to improve the odds and winning rate in the game. More than 50% of the times, the chances of winning specific bets are increased with the application of this strategy. While there is no way to always win at the casino other than avoiding one, the next best strategy to get started with at the roulette table is definitely the black and red roulette strategy.

Now the question is, how many times consecutively can this combination win. Well the answer backed by gaming statistics says that not more than 10 times in a row. It is one of the roulette strategies and a big time favorite of the new players since they are unable to deal with the more complex strategies of the game.

Red and Black Roulette Strategy – Basics to Understand

If you closely look at an European roulette wheel, you can easily observe that it has 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets and one green pocket. While the red and black pockets of the wheel are meant for the players to win over, it is the green pocket that offers the advantage to the casino. So with each spin the chances of winning a red pocket is a bit less than 50% and the same goes for the black pockets as well. The most common approach with this betting strategy is that you choose either red or black color and bet on it unless you get a win on it. In the wheel, the colors are in an alternate fashion to ensure that no player hits too many losing runs in a long time.

The beginners and even some of the most advanced seasoned players are always confused with the outcomes of the game when applying the black and red strategy. The biggest dilemma is perhaps whether the result of one spin will affect that of the next one. Well, the answer to this is no. The result of one spin will never affect the result of the next one. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, every spin result in roulette is random and whether to get red or black is highly a matter of random chances and probability. None of the roulette strategy works at this stage. Some may use statistics to ensure that they win. However, this roulette strategy works only when you are too pro with the numbers. Even then there is no consistency on the spin outcomes.

Red and Black Roulette Strategy – Details to Note

Roulette strategy not only helps for determining the win outcomes or a successful game performance, instead it has a lot to do with even money bets and expected values and numbers. For example in European roulette the red and black roulette strategy outcome is in the range of -0.027% to 2.7%. On the other hand, in American roulette, the value is in the range – 0.053% to 5.3%. With this expected value in mind, players can often make better decisions since it gives realistic expectations in the game.

You might wonder why the red an black roulette strategy is so hyped or rather, is it even worth the hype? Well, it is to some extent. Though there are plenty of other classical roulette strategies, this one is one of a kind because of the bet values. The straight up bets offer odds of 35:1 and 37:1 respectively. The split bets are at 17:1 odds and the corner bets at 8:1.

Before applying the red and black roulette strategy, have  a fair concept about the odds in the game. You can use the general formulas to calculate the game odds for the even money bets. Do not forget to consider the even money bet aspect.

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Final Words

There is no proven roulette strategy that can guarantee you a win 100% of the time. Same logic applies to the red and black strategy even. All you can do is try out some great math and stats to try and make a possible win. The best approach would be never to rely on one single roulette strategy for the game. Alternate the red and black strategy with some others like the martingale strategy. This generates the best possible outcomes and reduces chances of loss.

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