Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites in Bangladesh – Tips and Strategy

Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites in Bangladesh

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best legalized Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites in Bangladesh.

What Is Kabaddi All About?

Before you begin betting on Kabaddi online, you should first become acquainted with the sport. To summarise, kabaddi is a contact sport in which two teams of seven players compete against each other. The goal is for one of the team’s players to run into the opposing team’s half of the court and touch as many opponents as possible.

After that, the ‘raider’ player must return to his or her side of the court. This mission must be completed without the raider being tackled by the defenders.

The raider’s team receives a point for each opponent they touch, while the defenders receive a point for each raider they tackle. Each match consists of two 20-minute halves separated by a 5-minute break.

Let’s go through the Best Betting Sites


We would recommend Crickex to both casual and serious bettors, as well as casino game fans. Crickex is a dependable betting platform that is both trustworthy and simple to use. On their website, the betting odds are competitive and accurate. Deposits and withdrawals are simple, as is the wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods – a big plus for us.


We were able to easily navigate the site, find information, and place bets thanks to the simple, user-friendly interface. In comparison to other sports betting websites, Jeetwin has spent time, effort, and intelligence in developing an intuitive interface.

Overall, it is an excellent sports betting site for all types of bettors, from novices to seasoned pros. They provide you with the best possible odds as well as a fun experience that you won’t find at other sports betting sites.


Betway is a resurgent website that has established itself as a reliable source for sports betting after a shaky start. With a wide range of sports and tournaments to choose from, the addition of Kevin Pietersen has helped the brand gain more credibility among users.

Betway has established itself as a betting brand worth trusting and visiting to experience the possibility of winning, thanks to its growing credibility and constant efforts to make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive.


Bet365 is without a doubt one of the best online gambling sites available. While there is much to be gained, there are some areas in which they can improve. The important thing to remember is that Bet365 is always improving. Every year, there are noticeable changes. Adding payment methods such as UPI and Net banking, for example, provided participants with more variety and flexibility.

It is a reflection of Bet365’s efforts to enhance the user experience. Bet365 is not only one of the industry’s oldest betting sites, but it is also a very reputable and trustworthy online bookmaker for punters.


1x Bet, which was founded in 2007, is one of the industry’s oldest betting sites. It has over 400,000 users and a huge selection of sporting events and TV games to bet on.

Live bets are also included in this category. In a live football game, some of the features available are on the tiniest of details such as corners, free kicks, and yellow cards. The website is mobile-friendly, and there are apps available for Android and iOS devices. The site offers high odds and easy withdrawal methods.

Why choose these betting websites for pro kabaddi?

We evaluate bookmakers based on a variety of factors, including their license, withdrawal policies, and, of course, odds and markets. Furthermore, we only review sports betting sites that offer excellent promotions to all Indian kabaddi fans and bettors.

  • Safe & secure withdrawals.
  • Sites with the best odds.
  • Free bets & promotions.
  • Live betting & streaming.

Types of bets in pro kabaddi

Outright bets: These are wagers on the overall outcome of a league, tournament, or specific competition. Although you can still find outright Kabaddi bets during a tournament, these bets are usually placed before the competitions begin.

Pre-match bets: This type of betting occurs before the start of a game. There are several types of bets available here, including match winner, draw, and even individual player bets.

Live bets: Many bookmakers now allow bettors to wager on various game statistics as the game progresses.

You’ll be able to wager on:

  • The number of goals scored per half.
  • The number of goals achieved.
  • The number of red or yellow cards, and more.


Did you know that, after the IPL, the PKL is India’s second most popular sport? Kabaddi’s popularity, as well as Kabaddi betting, will continue to grow as the sport grows in popularity. Understanding the sport and knowing the rules involved is critical; this will allow you to make better betting decisions.

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