Poker Study Plan: A Guide To Techniques

Poker Study Plan

Poker Study Plan: Poker gives money only to the good students. Yes, you need to study Poker. In the world of gambling, Poker is highly considered as a great way to earn. But, for that you need to become a pro.

The poker study plan will help new and advanced players to reflect on the gambling strategies they follow and make them better. You won’t believe that the most talented players of poker spend hours studying the game simply to perform better and level themselves up.

Poker Study Plan – Detailed Guide

No study plan, be it academics or gambling, can be complete without a study routine. So the first step towards an effective poker study plan would be a routine. Here’s how you can effectively divide the week for studying poker:

MondayFix the topic for the week and gather some basic information about the topic
TuesdayRead one or two detailed chapters on the topic. You can also use some gambling magazines as reference for the current updates on the topic.  
WednesdayWatch video tutorials that effectively reflect the strategy or game technique that you have been studying. You can even watch some live streams.  
ThursdayTry implementing the strategies in your gameplay
Friday Try implementing the strategies in your gameplay and figure out the loopholes in your implementation
SaturdayMake some notes for yourself in your poker journal. Keep it for future reference.
SundayPlay for Fun

Techniques for Poker Study Plan

Here are some of the expert advised techniques that will help make your poker study plan a hit success

Become a Grinder

You need to understand that there is no limit to new learning in the game of poker. The more you learn, the more you apply, the better you become at it. So, yo

Active Learning – Focus Sessions

The next study technique is Active learning. You can ise the focus sessions for this purpose. A focus session of poker is where you play one or two tables for 30 minutes. The idea is to develop skills for one particular technique or strategy that you intend to master.

Goal Setting

Set smarter goals. Never set your expectations too high. Always go for goals that will help you measure your success. For goal setting, prioritize time constraints. The goals should be risky as well as actionable.

Review Your Game

Record your game. While playing any major strategy you can read it out aloud. This will help you get better at it and reflect on it in the later days. Recording game tape sessions are immensely useful for finding mistakes and analyzing the scope of improvement in your game.

Focus More on Long Term Learnings

Prioritize long term learnings over short term winnings. Do not feel heartbroken if you lose some money while learning. Remember that the loss while learning is just a part of the learning process and sometimes it will help you master certain techniques for bigger wins in future.

Hand History Review Studies

Conducting hand history reviews is a perfect way to understand the game better and improvise your database. If you can spot any errors that were made, take a note of it. In this case, watching live streamed videos can also be helpful in understanding the games. Refine your strategies and continue the review process. Start the process by reviewing tagged hands.

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Key Takeaways for Poker Study Plan

So, here are the major key takeaways from the Poker Study Plan Guide and a quick revision note for all the fabulous poker players out there:

  • You cannot move ahead even a tiny bit without Full Hand Reading. The complete reading and understanding of the Poker handbook is mandatory before you even think of playing. You can also listen to podcasts that explain poker hands.
  • Always try to find answers to the questions that arise in your mind while playing. Face the practical poker gameplay then try to find answers of any move that seems non-understandable to you.
  • Keep on implementing the strategies and analyzing the results. You can never excel at poker if you do not implement the strategies that you learn. Use the learnings in the practical field every day and understand where you are going wrong.
  • Take notes. Journaling is the best micro component of the poker study guide techniques. These notes will be of great help in the future.

All the best poker lovers! Study hard and make it happen – the big win awaits you.

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