Play Live Dragon Tiger Game Review and Strategy

Play Live Dragon Tiger Game

If you’ve ever played Baccarat in a live casino, you’ll recognize how similar the Dragon Tiger is. Baccarat has become a player favorite all over the world since it first appeared in live casinos. As a result of its success, an Asian version of the game was released.

Baccarat is a game that many of us are familiar with. It quickly became one of the most popular live dealer games, appearing on nearly every website. Dragon Tiger isn’t a new game, but Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming both have excellent live versions.

Continue reading for a comprehensive game review and strategy.

So, what is the Dragon tiger game?

Evolution Gaming’s Live Dagon Tiger is a live casino game. The game is similar to Baccarat, but it is much easier to play. Live Dragon Tiger is a popular game in Asia and India because it only requires two cards to play. The fast-paced gameplay is what sets this game apart. Every round only takes about 25 seconds to complete.

When you get winning numbers, the game’s blinking lights will activate. You can use a special interface through Baccarat-style roads to keep track of your stats and improve your gameplay by predicting the outcomes of your future rounds in the game.

You can also chat with a friendly and smiling female dealer during the game. When you need to change the view, you can choose between two options: a classic view or a 3D view.

How to play Dragon tiger?

Each round begins with a quick round of betting. Choose a coin from the list below the betting table and place it on the fields you want to play. Thanks to a percentage overlaid on the main bets, you can see what other players are betting on. Wait until the timer runs out before starting the round after you’ve finished placing your bets and side bets.

After the timer runs out, all bets on the table will be played.

The dealer will then deal with three cards. The first card is thrown away and placed in a separate pile. For the Dragon and Tiger positions, the second and third cards are drawn, respectively. Because the cards are dealt face down, we cannot see the outcome right away. After a few moments, the host flips the face-down cards over to reveal what’s underneath.

The winning team is determined by which player has the better card. The card’s value is determined by its numerical value. The ace, which is the least valuable card, is worth one point. The second number is worth two points, and so on. The letters J, Q, and K, respectively, are worth eleven, twelve, and thirteen points. A tie occurs when both sides draw the same numbered card.

Dragon tiger Payouts

Dragon Tiger does things a little differently. When the two main bets, Dragon and Tiger, are both won, they pay out 1:1. You must play Tie or Suited Tie wagers if you want to win larger amounts. The two cards must have the same numerical value to win a tie bet. It pays out 11 to 1. Suited Tie pays 50:1, but two matching cards of the same suit are required.

Tips on How to Win on Live Dragon Tiger

Avoid the tie bets:

Even if tie bets pay 8 to 1, you should stay away from them. Simply because the house has a 32.77 per cent advantage. Based on 86,320 hand combinations, the house edge is 32.77 per cent. You will lose your bets in 79,872 of the 86,320 hand combinations. Because there are only 6,488 tie bets out of 86,320 possible hand combinations.

Do not rely on betting systems:

Because of its simplicity, Dragon Tiger appears to be a game where betting systems can work. However, keep in mind that no form of the betting system will work.

Learn to count the cards:

Because Dragon Tiger is such a simple game, it lends itself well to card counting. Because 7s are the worst cards in the deck, you can count how many 7s are dealt.

A similar strategy can be used with cards that have a value of 8 or higher. To determine whether to bet on small or big, count how many 8s are dealt from the deck.

Bet on Suits Probability:

Keep track of the suits and place a wager on how many of each are left in the game. This strategy is only used later in the game, not with freshly shuffled decks.

Base Bets Only, Dragon or Tiger:

Only betting on Dragon or Tiger is a good way to increase your chances. This is due to the fact that you have a 50/50 chance of winning every time. Although tie bets have higher payouts, they are riskier and require a greater reliance on luck.

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