Perfect Pairs Game Online For Free: Rules & Strategy

Perfect Pairs Game Online

Perfect Pair European Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack variations available on the internet. The game is played in the same way as regular European Blackjack, but with the addition of a few side bets. Depending on the outcome of their cards – and the dealer’s – players can win special pots.

Let’s take a closer look at the Perfect Pairs game wager to see if it’s worth your time.

What is Perfect Pair?

RealTime Gaming’s Perfect Pairs game is a magnificent work of art. It’s simple to learn and play. Perfect Pairs is a game that resembles classic European blackjack. The addition of side bets creates a similarity. In this game, you have the chance to win a huge jackpot. It’s a good idea to try out the demo version of the game first.

To learn more about the gameplay and rules, continue reading this review.

Perfect Pairs Game Rules

You must place the Perfect Pairs side bet alongside the main bet when you begin a round of Perfect Pairs. The Perfect Pairs bet does not have to be the same as the regular bet; it can only be less than the table’s minimum bet.

You are dealt two cards, and the dealer is dealt two as well. Your two cards are face-up, while the dealer’s two cards are face down. The first two cards determine whether you win or lose the side bet. When the two cards are a matching pair, you win.

The type of matched pair you have determines the payout of your side bet wins. A payout table can be found further down in this guide. Following the conclusion of the side bet, the main game can resume using the same rules as Blackjack. You must perform any of the standard moves. You have the option of standing, hitting, doubling down, or splitting.

Perfect Pairs Strategies

When you’re playing a different variation of blackjack, you’ll almost always need to adjust your playing style, and this is certainly true when playing Perfect Blackjack online.

While using strategies does not ensure that you will win, it does help you reduce your chances of losing.

Make your perfect pair bet based on your regular bet:

Calculate the size of your regular bet to determine the ideal pair bet size. After you’ve decided on a result for your side bet, make sure it doesn’t affect your main wager. Even if you lose the side bet, you can still win the main game.

Double your bet if your hand is 11 or lower:

When your hand score is 11 or lower, you can double your bet. This will improve your odds in the standard blackjack game.

Never split if you have two 10’s:

Don’t split if you have two tens. Following these steps can help you improve your chances in the base game.

Divide your budget:

Divide your side bets budget into units. You must first become familiar with the payouts offered by the casino where you are playing. Setting a total budget to play with is the strategy. The total budget is then divided into betting units, with each unit representing the payout for a perfect pair.

How to play Perfect Pairs?

The main goal in Blackjack Perfect Pairs is to get a hand value that is as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. The dealer’s goal will be to beat your hand as well. You can play with a variety of chip denominations, starting at €1.00 and going up to €100 per hand. You will be dealt two face-up cards, while the dealer will be dealt one face-up and one face-down card.

During your hand, you can Hit for another card, Stand if you’re satisfied with the value of your hand, or Double Down for an extra card. When you’re dealt the same value cards, you can split to make two hands reach 21 in some cases.

When you choose to make a side bet known as the Perfect Pairs Bonus Bet, the real fun begins. The bonus bet must be placed before the start of a hand, and its success is largely dependent on luck. You’ll need to achieve a specific hand combination to get a favorable result. The following is the breakdown of the winnings: A Perfect Pair has a 20:1 odds ratio, a colored pair has a 12:1 odds ratio, and a mixed pair has a 6:1 odds ratio.

Our views on Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs Blackjack by RTG is a must-try for blackjack fans looking for a little something extra. It keeps the core gameplay loop that we all know and love, but adds a little spice with the side bet. It is well worth your time if you enjoy RNG-powered tables.

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