What Does the Live Baccarat Squeeze Feature Do?


Baccarat Card Squeezing: What Is It?

The basic concept behind squeezing the cards is clear. Players think that pressing the card’s edges will increase their chances of drawing a lucky card. After then, land-based casinos accepted the idea and ran with it. After all, players would stay at the table for longer if the card was slowly revealed after each round of the game. They would play more and buy more drinks and snacks.

When did this custom begin? We’re not really sure, to be honest! Like all superstitions, it began with a bold statement that happened to be correct once. After that, rumors started to spread. Squeezing the outside of baccarat cards has now entered the digital world, hundreds of years later. 

The Process of Squeezing

The top of the card is where the squeezing begins. Pull at the card’s two upper corners to hide the number and reveal the suit, which is either clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades. You will start noticing more details as you continue to sketch with your fingertips. You have a J, Q, or K if you can only make out a portion of a picture. In Baccarat, each of them has a value of zero, so you can stop the squeeze at any time. It’s obvious that it failed this time!

You should be able to identify the card you are holding after squeezing more than a third of it. You probably have an ace in your hand if you’re still unable to see anything. If not, it’s time to begin slowly turning the card around. While slowly revealing the symbols, you continue to cover the numbers with your thumbs. And if you’re unsure between drawing a nine or a ten, it makes for a lot of suspense!

Depending on the game you’re playing, Live Baccarat may rebuild some or all of this process. Some provide a very limited version. Some, like Live Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming, let the dealer handle everything. Separate versions that let you squeeze them manually are also available.

Is It Okay to Squeeze?

Depending on your goals for the baccarat round. It’s clearly one of the worst features for gamblers who are pressed for time! The dealer or the players slowly revealing the handed cards causes each round to be delayed. Avoid it if you don’t want to fit in a few rounds of baccarat before leaving your house.

We do, however, strongly advise it if you want to give each round a little extra flavor. It can be very tight if the dealer knows how to properly squeeze the baccarat cards! Nervously observing the card’s gradual unfolding. Feeling all of your feelings build up to the point that you either jump for joy or lean back in your chair in anger or grief. It’s amazing to observe how such feelings may be created by an online casino game.

Games’ Features

A variation of the traditional game of Baccarat is called Live Baccarat Squeeze. The way the cards are dealt is the only difference. In Live Baccarat Squeeze, the dealer deals the cards face down rather than face up.

The live dealer will then slowly fold each side of the cards. Players become quite excited if they sense a successful outcome as a result of this increased tension. Even while the squeezing of the cards is amusing, it has no bearing on how the game will turn out in the end. It is solely employed to raise excitement and create anticipation.

This means that the game is played in the same manner as the traditional Baccarat version. Two cards are dealt to the “Banker” and two cards are dealt to the “Player” by the dealer. A second card may also be dealt if necessary. The winner of the contest is whoever is closest to nine. The outcomes “Banker,” “Player,” and “Tie” are all wagerable.

Two side bets are also available, much like in the Live Baccarat game from Evolution Gaming. These bets are called as “Banker Pair” and “Player Pair.”

Here you may also use the live chat feature that Evolution Gaming offers with all of its products. Players can also fully use the available stats in addition to that. Even though they might not appear important in a game of chance, it doesn’t harm to look into them.

Features in Videos

The quality of the video is vital to Live Baccarat Squeeze’s ability to give its best features. Every live casino game is therefore streamed in high quality. Moreover, the action is expertly planned, and the use of the additional 15 cameras only serves to enhance this.

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