Limit Poker vs No Limit Poker: What’s The Difference?

Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker

When we discuss Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker – the name itself indicates the difference- the difference is at the core of it. The fundamental rule of chip raising and betting is different in both the games. In the game of Limit Poker, the players face restrictions in the amount of chips or bets that they can raise. Whereas No Limit Poker as the name suggests in no cap betting. The layers can make use of the all-in move in this game.

Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker – Major Differences

Here are some of the major and noteworthy differences of Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker. Knowing these differences will help you to make some informed choices about the game and win big.


You must be wondering which game is popular out of the two?  Well, No Limit Poker is the more popular variant of the game. It has a multifaceted popularity and is extremely well known among the tournament players. It is a risky game and generally only the experienced advanced players attempt this game rather than the beginners. Limit Texas is a much older form of the game that was popular during the initial days. It is also called fixed poker and is mostly popular among traditional players who are used to betting within a particular range.

Betting Rules

What about the betting rules when it comes to Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker? As the name suggests, in a no limit poker game, the player can bet the raise all in either the pre flop or post flop, even after the turn of the river. No cap betting continues as long as the player has enough chips to back their betting. So, it is almost like a single handed poker where a single win or loss can determine the game of a player.

Limit Texas on the other hand sets betting limits for the players. It is better if the players want to experience the game for a longer duration of time. Similar to no limit poker, this game too has two whole cards and five community cards as well as a number of betting rounds. Fixed limit poker mostly revolves around a small bet and a big bet amount where the small bet amount is equivalent to the big blind and is used earlier in the betting rounds.

Bet Size and Limits

Since Limit poker has certain restrictions imposed on the player, it also controls the pot size of the game. Whereas in No Limit poker game, the player can bet various amounts as per their choice. In a No Limit poker game, the player can bet different amounts to test the opponent’s strength. However it is more pressurizing on the weaker players.

Game Variance

The variance is more in no limit poker games. The variance is directly correlated to the ability to bet it all on one single hand. So, it is much higher in the no limit poker game than the Limit game version. For a Limit Poker game, since the betting limit is already capped, there is no way to improve the game variance.

Ability to Manipulate the Odds

While playing the Limit poker most players are not able to manipulate or protect their odds. In this game, the betting is highly structured. On the other hand with the no limit poker, there are very high chances of manipulating the pot odds. So, the players are always aware of the gaming dynamics.

Goals for Gambling

We have yet not discussed the gaming goals and now it is time to come to it. In the no limit poker game, the players are always looking out for an opportunity to earn and accumulate more chips than they had initially started with. On the other hand, in the limit version, the players earn one big bet per hour over a length of time. There is also considerable difference between the sessions and their structures. Clear understanding of these differences comes only with time and proper understanding. It is best to have a look at some of the past games for better game statistics.

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Though both the games look quite similar and the expert players will never be able to make out a difference between the two, when comparing Limit Poker Vs No Limit Poker, plenty of structural differences appear. Usually the no limit variation seems quite tempting. However, there are multiple risks associated with the same and it is best played by the advanced players and not the novices.

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