Keno and Its Extensive Playing Guide

Keno Playing Guide

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery-style game that originated in China. The rules of Keno are very comparable to those of other games such as Lotto. It entails selecting numbers and expecting that they correspond to some of the numbers drawn at random. A lottery game in its purest form. Nonetheless, most variants follow the same rule: you choose a number between one and 80, place your bet, and wait to see what the keno game has drawn. The number of times your numbers match the winning numbers determines the winner.

Keno Variants

Mini Keno

Whereas most online keno games take the results from a pool of eighty balls, this keno version only uses half of it. As a result, if a standard keno game yields 20 balls, mini keno results will yield ten balls. In terms of rules, this game is nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from being a scaled-down version of the game, it adheres to the same rules.

Keno Power

A catch occurs when you match a specific number while playing keno. When you play power keno and get the last ball in keno, you will receive a 4x multiplier. Since power keno is an excellent 80-ball game. As a result, the odds of matching the last ball in this game are 1 in 80. While this is unlikely to happen, it is still a probability. And, because there is no additional cost for the side bet, you still must think about playing this game. There are 20 balls drawn, and players can select between two and ten numbers.

Bonus Spot Keno

When you catch the first ball, the Bonus Spot Keno multiplier ends up paying out. The casino defines the size of a multiplier in Bonus Spot Keno. As a result, it is always a good idea to look into this when selecting an online casino. You could even easily find one with a range of 5x to 10x. In Bonus Spot Keno, 20 numbers are drawn at random, numbered from 1 to 80. You get to select between 2 and 10, just like in Power Keno.

Progressive Jackpot Keno

Keep in mind that there are only a few progressive jackpot keno variations available online. Despite this, other software companies continue to provide progressive jackpot keno games. There are various approaches to winning the jackpot depending on the game you choose to play; it could be random or matching 10 on the 10-pick cards. One thing to keep in mind is that progressive jackpot keno will require you to spend more money and may require a side bet, but if you are lucky, you could win absolutely.

Live Dealer Keno

In 2020, the first live dealer keno game was released. Mega Ball was the first to be introduced on the market. The Mega Ball is a lotto/keno fusion casino game that works similarly to other keno games. Keno is technically a 51-ball game, and you can buy multiple cards for each draw. In total, 20 balls are drawn, and before the final ball is drawn, a multiplier of between 100x and 5x is applied to your casino winnings. if it’s your lucky day and you’ve hit the maximum multiplier, you can get the largest cash prize of approximately 1,000,000 times when you play this keno variant game.

Keno Rules

The player places a bet and indicates which numbers want to select. The player can choose from a range of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The number of picks a player can make is determined by the game. Typically, the range is from 2 to 10 or 1 to 15.

The game will select 20 balls at random from a pool of 80. All you must do now is wait for the numbers to be drawn and named out. If the game selects a number that the player chose, known as a catch for this game. As a result, the player is paid automatically based on the number of balls he or she catches at this keno game.

Keno Strategy

Go For Consecutive Numbers

If you have ever played a Lotto game, you are probably familiar with this strategy. Playing consecutive numbers is an age-old Keno strategy. Although there is no guarantee that these numbers will appear, but with the experienced keno players swear that consecutive numbers are more likely to appear than non-consecutive numbers. Better choose this strategy and stick with it until you hit your chosen numbers in-game like keno.

Do Not Select Too Many Numbers

Most winning Keno strategy guides will tell you that the more numbers you pick, the better your chances of making a profit. To some point, it could be correct. Picking more than ten numbers, on the other hand, increases the odds in the best interest of the casino. The best option is to choose 5-6 numbers, preferably consecutively. Since keno is a game in which the payout is determined by the percentage of numbers that you get. So instead of going too many numbers selected, opt for fewer numbers.

Keep An Eye on The Numbers that are Drawn

This is one of the best Keno strategies, and it requires no special abilities. All you must do is be extremely vigilant. Focus on the numbers drawn when playing Keno games. Keep track of them down on paper if possible. After a couple of games, you will notice a pattern. This Keno strategy is not based on numbers but instead on patterns. The truth is that Keno numbers repeat themselves in cycles, and after quite some time, you will notice that certain numbers are picked more repeatedly than others.

Keno Tips

1. Choose the Same Number Every Time

You have probably heard stories about Keno or lotto players who played the same numbers for years before winning a prize. Although opponents of this Keno strategy would rush to condemn it, claiming that the winnings were the result of pure luck, playing the same numbers is a brilliant idea. You can use any important number in your life or a lucky number, or anything else that makes a good reason to choose from. The important thing is to stick to the numbers you have chosen whether you win or lose.

2. Choose Numbers That Have Not Been Hit in A Long Time.

When it comes to keno. You choose numbers that have not been hit in a while can be a great tip. Although some online casino players dismiss this tip as nothing more than a gambling falsehood. Nonetheless, many players regard it as one of the best Keno tips and use it frequently when playing keno in casinos. Though it may take a longer time to choose your numbers and years before you are drawn. Still, it is worth the wait if your numbers are ever hit in the keno game.

3. Choose Numbers That Have Newly Come Up

This is the opposite concept of the previous Keno tip that was earlier mentioned. What you must do is select numbers that have recently been drawn. You should use this strategy if you notice even a minor difference in the numbers drawn. If you work hard enough, you can make a lot of money. You never know when your good fortune will arrive if you choose numbers that have newly come up in the keno game.

4. Stick to a Four-to-Eight-Number Betting

The optimal number range for playing keno is four to eight. In a basic keno game, there are 80 numbers in it. That makes it difficult to pick three and be correct. Even if you get it right, the payout is small. Betting four numbers is an excellent low-risk betting range, but it will not provide you with the highest payouts. Nonetheless, getting 4 of 4 is far more valuable and considered profitable than getting 4 of 10.

5. Make Smaller Wagers

Keno can be intimidating for newcomers. However, do not get too excited. Playing smaller bets is a good keno tip. Betting in small amounts, especially if you are new to the game, will also keep your risks to a minimum. The winnings may be higher, but the risk also rises dramatically. It is prudent to proceed with vigilance. Remember that increasing your bet does not increase your chances of winning. So, it is best to start to make smaller wagers until you are good enough to play and be confident to go higher bets.

6. Manage Your Finances Wisely

Playing responsibly is a key Keno strategy that you should be aware of. While many external factors are beyond your control, you do have control over internal factors. You will be able to control your losses if you manage your bankroll wisely. Do not wager more than your bankroll can handle. When you are on a losing streak, it is easy to be convinced to keep betting. You may believe that by betting more, you will be able to recover your losses. The truth is that you are only increasing your losses. As a result, you must know when to stop and handle yourself from now on your finances wisely.