How To Play 7 Card Blackjack Game – A Complete Guide

7 Card BlackJack Game

The classic game of blackjack, known as 21 or blackjack, is different from 7-card blackjack game. There are other names for it, British Blackjack, Irish Switch, and English Blackjack. So, what is 7-card blackjack, how to play, and what are the rules? As we get more into the 7-card blackjack game, please continue reading this article.

What is 7 Card Blackjack?

In 7-card blackjack, one deck of cards is typically used, though more can be used if there are more participants. Each player receives seven cards instead of the usual two when playing with two people. 7-card blackjack matches the rank or suit of the previous card played to drop the cards in your hand, as opposed to having each player make a hand as close to 21 as possible. The next player may lay down any Ace or any card of hearts, for example, if the first player played an Ace of Hearts.

7 card blackjack rules

Following the 7 card blackjack rules is not too difficult. You need to keep in mind the below listed:

  • To play the game, two players are needed.
  • Every time, the player on the left of the dealer begins.
  • A card can only be placed if its suit or rank matches one that has already been disclosed from the stack or played. If you don’t have one of these cards, you draw from the deck.
  • Cards can be played consecutively by one player at a time.
  • If you can play all card at one time, you must yell, “Cards!” If you do not, you have to draw two more cards as punishment.
  • Playing out of turn or selecting the incorrect card to play is regarded as a mistake that is penalized by drawing two more cards from the deck and taking away the card you originally played.
  • Saying “Last Card” is required if you just have one card left; otherwise, you run the danger of drawing two more. To state that you have one more card to play, you can or simply tap the table.
  • Yet, you are not permitted to conclude with power cards. So if your final card is any of the power cards (Ace, 2, 7, 8, 10, or a Jack). You will need to draw another card from the deck.
  • A 10, King and a 3 card can occasionally be used in place of a 7 as a reverse card.
  • In other versions, red Jacks function in the same way as black Jacks and do not cancel each other out.

Make sure to confirm in advance as these rules may vary based on the casino or the table.

When is the Best Time to Split in a Blackjack Game?

How to play 7-card blackjack game?

Compared to standard blackjack, 7-card blackjack has a significantly different gameplay. Each player, including the dealer, receives seven cards from the deck. The remaining cards are stacked face down. The next person in line, who usually comes from the dealer’s left side, must then place a card on top of the exposed card that matches its rank or suit. This begins with the first card from the deck being revealed. If you are matching the suit, the card can be the same value or more, not less. The 5 of hearts, for example, means that you can only place another 5 of the same suit, or the 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, or higher.

The Ace, 2, 7, 8, 10, and Jack are additional cards to remember since they have unique powers and meanings. They play the following roles and go by the name “power cards”:

  • 2: The player who comes after them must take two cards from the pile if another player plays a two of any suit. The following player must draw four cards from the pile if they also have a 2 in their hand. In this case, they can lay it down rather than drawing two cards. This continues until someone is unable to play a two and must remove the amount that has accumulated from the deck.
  • 8: The player that plays an 8 skips their turn and moves on to the next player.
  • 7 or 10 = A 7 or 10 changes the play’s direction. The 7 or 10 card, for example, reverses the play direction from right to left if it was originally going from left to right. Make sure to confirm ahead of time because the power card can be either the 7 or the 10.
  • Black Jack: The next player must remove five cards from the deck to move on. The next player must pick up ten cards if they have two black Jacks, which they can play simultaneously.
  • Red Jack: The black Jack is cancelled by a red Jack. You can avoid picking up cards by playing a red Jack if the player in front of you plays a black Jack. You could place two red Jacks since one red Jack cancels out one black Jack if they played two black Jacks. Also, you can set one red jack and pick up simply five cards if you don’t have two.
  • Ace: You can play an ace whenever you choose, no matter what suit or card is currently in play. You can also choose which suit is in play. On the other power cards, it is useless.

As long as a player can continue matching the card, their turn may continue. They can draw from the facedown deck if they are unable to move at all. The player who discards all their cards first wins.


After going over the rules and gameplay of British blackjack, also known as 7-card blackjack, you might want to check out some online casinos to play for real money. To play blackjack online for real money, register for Casino. Other amazing casino games that we have include baccarat and roulette. Each has a live casino version as well.

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