How to Become a High Roller in Any Casinos?

High Roller

A high roller is a gambler who often places huge bets. They are sought after by conventional casinos as a result. Casinos will attract them with attractive benefits. Like suite rooms, free trips to the airport, and access to special areas.

In this article, we’ve talked about high rollers in online casinos. You might be asking what the point of being an online casino high roller is. It is because all these benefits are only accessible in person. The truth is that there are a lot of benefits available that will make playing games online much better.

The Process for Becoming High Roller Online Casinos

A high roller online casino player must first examine how much money they have available to them. This advice is for individuals who can afford to gamble a lot of money. As it is never a good idea to gamble beyond your means. But how much does “enough money” actually mean?

This will vary for each online casino, but it must be more than $200,000 every year. Your rise to this elite high roller level will boost the faster you spend. You must select a gaming site with a Rewards program to get started.

While every program operates differently. They all often give you reward points for every dollar you spend. As you spend, you’ll be able to access various tier brackets. Each of these offers perks that are both broader and more exclusive. In basic terms, spending money is everything.

The best high roller online casinos feature VIP programs that are by invitation only. For example, MGM Rewards has a NOIR Tier that is exclusive to invitations. Users must bet at least $1 million to get an invitation, although the actual amount is unknown. It goes without saying that the value of the bonuses at this level is very remarkable.

Ways to Become a High Roller:

There are more ways to become a high roller besides finishing a specified task. Instead, there are many ways to turn into a whale.

You have the option of doing anything, including placing big bets. And making a deposit that draws the casino’s attention. Here’s a closer look at the various paths to becoming a high roller.

Bet Big

Making big bets is the most obvious thing you can do to catch the casino’s attention. The amount you must bet varies depending on where you are playing.

If you wager $100 per hand in a local casino in the Midwest, you might be a real high roller. But, spending the same amount at a casino on the Las Vegas Strip won’t gain you much perks.

The latter needs high bets given that some players place sums of up to $100,000 per hand. You don’t have to bet this much to be a whale. Yet, the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip will demand that you stake at least $500 or $1,000 per round.

Deposit a Large Amount

Some casinos are more concerned with your deposit than with your betting capacity. A large deposit, after all, conveys the message that you are prepared to suffer financial loss.

Any casino will treat you nicely if you make a deposit of $100,000 or more. Of course, if you deposit $10,000, you can still enjoy special treatment at many places.

Many gambling establishments also provide lines of credit to players. Who on the surface at least, seem to be able to cover significant losses. When a player opens a sizable credit line. The same casinos may reward them with a high roller suite or other helpful benefits.

Casinos will perform a background check on you first. They need to reduce the possibility that you’ll lose a lot of money and decide not to repay it later.

The former CEO of the Oriental Trading Co., Terrance Watanabe. He once found himself in a similar circumstance. Caesars Entertainment had to file a lawsuit against him for failing to reimburse them for $14.75 million.

Play at smaller casinos to maximize the value of your large bets.

I’ve already mentioned how a casino’s fame affects how you’ll be treated. As a result, you can focus on smaller casinos to be treated like royalty.

You will receive some of their biggest incentives if you lose $5,000 in California. Even if you lose the same amount at Bellagio or Wynn, you won’t be treated like a celebrity.

I’m not arguing that even after losing thousands of dollars. You can’t still get some good rewards at upscale Las Vegas casinos. But, you’ll be treated the best when you gamble and lose a lot of money at cheaper locations.


Being a high roller gambler is a costly job. To win the casino’s biggest and best rewards, you must place a sizable bet. Yet, if you have the funds, you might think about aiming for the highest VIP level.

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