How to Avoid Online Casino Scams – What to Do?

Online Casino Scams

Online casinos have literally brought the option of gambling to your bedroom right at your fingertips. But, the underside of the story is that – it has also led to the intel of scammers and fraudsters in the market. Every now and then, big news of casino scams is heard. The scammers are all set to rob your money and also associate with crimes such as money laundering and identity theft. Now, the question stands out, is it at all possible to prevent these online casino scams? The answer is yes. If the player is aware and vigilant, it is possible to prevent online casino scams to some extent.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams?

Now we are going to talk about the most common types of online casino scams and how to avoid each one of them

Fake Apps and Websites

Staying away from fake sites is the first piece of advice for any beginner, mid-level, or professional gambler. The online casino world is polluted like anything with fake websites and apps all over. These websites and apps usually put up banners for extremely lucrative welcome bonuses that act as the perfect gimmicks for attracting users to their sites. You can witness these fake sites offering unbelievably high RTP. To avoid being filled by this type of scam, the best thing users can do is never click on them. If anything about the site or app seems suspicious, stay away until you have plenty of research on it. Also, never click on any suspicious link because it could be something truly dark. Also, abstain from downloading any unknown casino software on your device as these could be malware that will extract information from your device.


Also popularly known as identity theft, phishing attacks have become very common in the online casino world. The scammers will try to collect all your personal information, then take over your online identity and most dangerously hack your bank account to get your money. Spoofed pages on Google can lure innocent casino users to fall into the trap of phishing. The easiest way for gamblers to fall prey to this phishing attack is by mistyping URLs and oversharing personal details. Phishing attacks can destroy your social image on any media platform. So be cautious.

Casino Syndicate Scam

This is a different and unique kind of scam that mostly happens on sports betting and sports exchange websites. However, this is also the simplest type of scam and the one you can easily avoid. In this scam, the site will advertise you with “get rich” and “profitable investment” schemes. They often disguise the schemes as “courses for learning more on how to get rich in casinos’. It is usually the beginner players who mostly fall prey to this one. To safeguard yourself against this scheme, never click on any suspicious or unknown link and it is better not to be too greedy and join the “get rich” programs.

Other than the popular types of scams, various other types such as identity theft, social engineering, and fake casino software promotions can also prove to be extremely dangerous for the players.

Here are 5 best things you can do to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of online casino scams:

  • Always check the license of the casino provider before playing on any site or downloading any casino software
  • While signing in or registering, try to enter as minimum details about yourself as possible. No need to fill out the fields that are not marked mandatory
  • If there is any suspicious link or any suspicious statement on the site, it is better to stay away until you have spoken to the customer support team and researched the authenticity of the platform.
  • Do not share any personal information on the casino platform. Use very difficult passwords to protect yourself.
  • Lastly, casinos are not meant to render every player a millionaire. So, be aware of extremely lucrative and glamorous offers as these could be traps.

Ending Thoughts

Always keep the safety facts in mind while playing in any online casino. Never overshare information, always read the reviews before you decide to put in money. Never share sensitive information like debate card passwords or any OTP with unknown sources. Gear up yourself with salient strategies to keep yourself updated with the various types of online casino scams and how you can avoid them to maintain a safe gambling atmosphere. Start by checking the license of the online casinos, but also look out for the important signs of fraud by yourself.

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