How Does the Blackjack 5 Card Rule Work?

Blackjack 5 Card Rule

Does the Blackjack 5 Card rule really help you win a match of blackjack? Is it really the ultimate tool to ace any blackjack match? Whether a professional seasoned player or an amateur beginner, this question must have crossed your mind at least once in a while. Blackjack in fact is one of the most popular and highly yielding serious casino games both in land-based and online casinos. It requires serious game understanding, tactful strategizing, and most crucially a vital implementation of some complex rules to make the maximum out of it.

The Blackjack 5 Card Charlie rule is one such fantastic rule in the game, that can help a player earn huge. However, not many players know about this game rule in depth. Blackjack 5 card game holds a lot of reputation in the casino world. Because it has helped players win even the most difficult of matches. Even though there are certain exaggerations about this rule like it gives the players an automatic entry into the winning league. The truth is, the rule is quite effective and profitable but only if you know how to use it.

Here are three tips for using this game rule:

  • Don’t completely rely on it
  • Understand when to hit
  • Always try to understand the consequences before applying any rule

Blackjack 5 Card Rule – Explained

While most players would be delighted when their blackjack game starts with a card combination close to 21. It is not feasible all the time. Sometimes, the players get hit with consecutive low cards that make their journey towards 21 a really difficult one. The Blackjack 5 card games give additional excitement and incentive to the players when everything at stake seems lost. In a nutshell, a five-card trick is an event of chance in the game of blackjack where the player draws five sich cards (or are handed by the dealer) whose sum does not exceed 21. So they win and the dealer pays them money.

The 5 card rule is applicable during a live dealer game of Blackjack. It is an extension of “Hit”. The pro players must be aware of what Hit is in a game of blackjack. Here it is for the beginners. In the game of Blackjack, the situation when a player asks for a card from the dealer is defined as a “Hit”. In the Blackjack 5 cards situation, the dealer hands over 5 cards to the player the sum of the cards not exceeding 21. When the player gets handed such a combination, and they apply the 5 card rule, a winning situation is created for the players.

But, the 5 card rule cannot be quite applied to all the versions of Blackjack. So, you need to check with the particular game’s rules and regulations before applying this one. The rule simply states that if the player can collect five cards and not go bust. They win the game automatically as they can beat the house edge.

Disadvantages of the Blackjack 5 Card Rule

It is not all rosy with the Blackjack 5 card rule. Here are some of the potential downsides of the rule to consider before implementation:

  • The game speed gets slower with the introduction of this rule. So, the players and the dealer get bored, especially if it is a large group, the time span gets even more. Because each player will take more time to think, strategize and even conduct the game.
  • It is not a great choice for the newbies in the game. Firstly, it needs an understanding of the gameplay to truly use this rule. Also, it involves plenty of decision-making to win success through this process and it could be difficult for beginners to manage the same.

Final Words

It is not always an automatic win whenever you get 5 cards at hand in the game of blackjack. That probably is a misnomer. The Blackjack 5 card rule is more common in the local and home-based casino games across Europe or America. However, when it comes to public casinos, it is mostly in the online casino versions that you will mostly encounter this game. Blackjack appears to be quite a straightforward game and in fact it is. However, it is the immensely high number of game variants that makes it somewhat difficult. Not every player is comfortable with the 5 card rule and neither does every game give you the option to use this. Receiving the five-card combination is also a matter of great chance factors.

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