How Does Live Casino Game Work?

Live Casino Game

Online casinos were quite flawed when they first started to appear about twenty years ago. The games were clearly two-dimensional and also rather limited. However, when the craze grew and expanded to become the multi-billion dollar worldwide industry it is today. Operators wasted no money in boosting the depth of the experience.

Making playing as comparable to playing at a so-called “bricks and mortar” casino as possible has recently been one of their main goals. As a result, the live casino game was created. Allowing players to enjoy real-time gaming with genuine dealers, cards, and even real roulette wheels. In this article, we will discuss the components of live casino games in brief.

Important Live Casino Game Setup


It goes without saying that cameras are key to the effective streaming of live sports. The newest tech developments allowed for the use of smaller but more powerful cameras to relay live feeds.

Consider the game of roulette as an example. At a roulette table, three different cameras are used to take pictures of the wheel, the table, and the nearby areas. The third camera shows the picture-in-picture display.

Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit is the live casino’s most important part. There is a GCU attached to every table. The charge of encoding the broadcast footage is done by the device which is no larger than a shoebox. The GCU is the expert who helps the dealer manage the game. In a word, without the GCU. No live casino game is possible.


The live casino area also has a wheel depending on the game The casino software works with sensors that are built inside the wheels. Casinos deal with leading casino configuration manufacturers.


Dealers are in charge of running the game. Thus a player cannot tell the small difference between playing in an online format and playing traditional casino games. A self-respecting casino wouldn’t put up with a dealer who didn’t know the rules of the game. So they put them through extensive training. With the advancement of technology. A smart card track every move the dealer makes.


What online gamers view on their displays can be seen on the monitor. If you don’t want to be visible on the screen, it might be best to move to a different seat. Most cameras have what is known as “blind spots.”

The dealer also benefits from having a monitor since it motivates them to act when needed and allows them to keep track of the bets that can be opened and closed. The dealer can see the online players on the monitor as well. Because players and dealers may speak live, as was already indicated, any problem is quickly resolved.

Technology for Optical Camera Recognition

Optical Camera Recognition has been effectively introduced into the live casino gaming industry. In a word, this is the tech that captures each and every detail of the gaming and allows players to stream it to them over a video link. Players can gamble on everything they see on their computer screen. If they need help, a live chat operator is also open.

OCR allows for the conversion of anything into valuable electronic data. Since every activity, including the distribution of hands, the spinning of the wheel, and the shuffling of the cards, is recorded by the optical camera recognition technology, playing a live dealer casino game is pretty similar to playing games seen in physical casinos.

The Stages of the Gaming Process

The gameplay process may differ slightly depending on the game you are playing. We’ll assume that you’re going to play roulette.

The casino’s software will first change the picture of the dealer to work with the live feed and the user-interactive interface. The created data will then be sent by the server and made available to all players.

After the players have placed their bets, the dealer will need some further information. Players will place their bets in the meantime, and the casino’s software will process them. The notification “No more bets” will be made, and players will be made aware of it through the server. To put it another way, the betting buttons won’t be engaged.

The available cameras will then capture the result of the wheel spin.

In a matter of seconds, the results will appear on the players’ displays, informing them of who won and who lost.

If a player wants to continue playing after the round is over, they must follow the steps above again.

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