Craps Game Review Guide

Craps Review Game Review Guide

Craps Is one of the popular online casino games that have a quiet risk for a beginner. There are multiple betting options in this fast-paced casino game. The very basic thing that is important in craps is the most basic bet i.e. pass line bet. To play craps you will need to exchange chips for cash from the dealer. The minimum bet value in craps is $5. Whenever a player turns the dice, you will definitely win or lose your bets even if you are not the player rolling the dice.

In craps, it is really important to understand the main objective of the game. Here, the basic objective is to put the players to wager on the outcome of the dice thrown at the table. This outcome could wager on the different outcomes of every throw. Additionally, craps is not against the players, it is against the house.

What is The House Edge?

In casino games, we have seen low or high edge values. Crap games have one of the widest house edges among all casino games. Here, we have a 1.41% house edge on the payline and there is no house edge on the odds. On the other hand, you have a house edge of over 10% such as prepositions 2 and 12.

If we talk about the house edge of an odd bet, the value is zero. There is of course a catch in the fact that you have to make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet in order to make the bet. This is the average house edge value, if you want to know the exact number then you can bet on the odds.

In online casinos, you will find 3X odds that ultimately make the combined house edge on the pass line odds. House edge value of pass line odds is 0.47% and for don’t pass odds is 0.34%. The higher the multiple you can bet on the odds the lower the house edge so for example a game with 100X odds has a house edge of just 0.02%.

What Is Payout Percentage?

In online casino games, if you are good at reducing house edge then definitely you will get a good payout value. Unfortunately, players who love to play high stake games have a house edge value of about 16.9%. This value is so high that players get very less RTP. Crape Return to player percentage is very less if players are playing at high stake games.

If you are a beginner in a craps game, the best bet for you to start is a pass-line bet. If you can remember only one bet, make it the pass line bet. The house edge value of the pass line bet is very low and gives a good payout percentage to players.

What Is Variance?

Online Casino games require a higher understanding of basic mathematics. But if you don’t understand the concept of variance, you’ll never know why the correct moves can go wrong.

In layman’s language, variance refers to the different variants of good and bad luck that you experience in the casino world. Anyone that’s ever played online will have gone through ups and downs.

Mathematically For a wager that pays x:1 with a probability of winning p, the house edge and standard deviation (per unit bet and per ‘root decision’) are:

ev = (x+1)*p – 1

std = (x+1)*Sqrt[p*(1-p)]

For even-money bets, like the pass line, x =1 and p ~ .5, so std ~ 1.

If you place the four, the standard deviation is about 1.3 per unit bet.

What Is Playability Rate?

There is very limited playability in craps. In online craps games, there are 1 out of 6 chances of rolling a 7 on dice. This process is equivalent to a 16.67% probability. The game uses two dice which means there are 36 outcomes. Out of these 36 possible outcomes, there are six different ways the dice could land on 7.

What Is Game Type?

Craps is a game of chance & Luck that has been there for centuries and as such, there are so many evolutions in the game over a period of time. Let’s see some of the best variants of online crap games.

Bank Craps– This is one the most common crap variations that crap lovers are familiar with. Over the years, it has been accepted as the uniform variation across the globe. This game is so rigged that it is used as a cheap trick by street con artists. During the whole game, you will see that you are winning well, but at the end you will feel that house edge costs you a lot.

Crapless Craps– The name itself is paradoxical here. In this crap variant, you cannot lose a pass bet on the come-out roll. Here also, you will see that you are winning really well, but in the end, you will feel that house edge costs you a lot. Some of the features of the game are better but they all come at a price.

High Point Craps– This variation is much better as compared to Crapless and Bank Craps. It seems more profitable despite having a high house edge value. The value of house edge is less as compared to crapless craps. The one rule of this variant is the game-changer here. If 2 or 3 are rolled on the come-out roll, they are ignored. On the other hand, if you roll 11 or 12 you win immediately.

New York Craps– This online crap variation is different from the above variants. Here, it totally requires a different table to play and originated in Yugoslavia.  This game is popular amongst the people of the United States and the United Kingdom. The key difference of this variation is that it does not allow ‘come’ and ‘don’t come’ bets. Players are only allowed to bet directly on one of these numbers4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If your number is rolled you win, if not – you lose.