Beginner-Friendly Types of Poker Games | What Are They?

Beginner Poker Game Types

For any newcomer to the world of casinos, poker is perhaps the most exciting type of game to play. However, the game itself can be quite intimidating. Poker is one of the most played, most primitive yet most popular types of casino games. Not only in offline physical casinos, it is also a hot-selling cake in the field of online casinos. Poker is not any other online casino game, it involves intense gaming strategy, a great understanding of casino games, a plethora of complex rules, mathematical tricks, and most crucially vital gameplay. Poker comes with limitless betting, and each software provider and gaming company has its own individual versions of the game. Since the game is so complicated, it is not considered fit for beginners.

But doesn’t that sound quite unjust? Why would freshers in the casino world be deprived of the amazing fun and huge wins that poker brings to the table? This is exactly why there exist certain beginner-friendly versions of the game of poker. The amateur players can try out their hand on the game with such beginner poker game types and then leap towards the more complex ones. Here is a guide for the beginners who want to start their poker journey.

7 Card Stud

This is mostly known among the players as a popular cash game and the tournaments for this one are a solid hit. It was once the most played poker game. The best part is that, in spite of being a professional game, it offers amazing opportunities for poker beginners to learn about the game. The game’s motive is to make five-card hands out of the total 7 cards available. In each round, the dealer deals two cards to the players – one down card and one up card. The game starts with an initial deal followed by a betting round. The game follows a limited betting mode. It is a fabulous game to learn about the rules of limit betting in poker.

No-Limit Hold’em

The most beginner-friendly game on the list. You can spend hours on this game, and it won’t even feel like you are playing some tough poker game. Texas Hold’em is currently the world’s most popular and most-played poker game version. With lucid and easily programmable rules and of course over a million guide articles and videos, this one is fabulous. Therefore, it is a cash game and there isn’t one poker room in the world, where you won’t find this one. There are multiple variants of the Texas Hold’em rules and the general rules are almost the same for all of them. The course of rounds usually follows this pattern – preflop, and flops after betting, turn, and river rounds.


A hybrid variant of poker that lies somewhere between “Lowball” and “Draw”. It uses a unique hand ranking system for determining the best hand. It is a relatively newer poker version in the family and originated just a few years back in the 1980s. The game is not very easy to learn but the techniques will prepare the player for more complex future poker games.

5 Card Draw

Have you ever learned poker from any popular video or your parents or older siblings who play poker? Then it is highly probable that the version of the beginner poker game type that you have learnt is this one. It is the most basic poker version – in fact, the one that you played on the computer – the Strip Poker game. The idea of this game is quite simple – the player has to make the best possible poker hand with the five available cards. Therefore, the game starts after the deal and he proceeds to another round where card exchange is possible. For anyone starting with their poker journey, this is your chance to learn, understand, internalize strategies, and know the most useful gameplay techniques of poker.

Pot Limit Omaha

Out of all the games listed above, this one is the most complex. It is ideal for players, who are in the mid-level of the game, which means they are truly not amateurs. In fact, it is best advised to opt for the game, after playing at least one or two hands at easier poker versions like 7 Studs. However, if you are a player who loves challenges, go for it. Popularly called PLO, the game operates with pot-limit betting rules – nothing complex! Just that at any point of time in the game, the maximum allowed bet will be exactly equivalent to the pot size. Once you get acquainted with this Omaha game, poker is definitely going to get easier.

Therefore, which one of these beginner poker game types appealed to you the most?

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