A Complete Strategy Guide To Three Card Poker

three card poker guide

If you are looking out for one of the easiest yet exciting poker variations, three card poker is your ideal choice. You can learn it in no time and gain the maximum benefits out of it. It has been the favorite of many players since 1994 and was created by Derek Webb. This is an easy and fun video poker game featuring a super swift gameplay and simplicity. The rules are quite divergent to the traditional hand poker games and promotes individualistic gameplay rather than a competitive one. The novices can easily access the game since it has less complicated rules. Let us now dive into the detailed Three Card Poker Guide that will help you to understand the game better and win maximally.

Three Card Poker Guide – Ideal Gameplay

Before starting with the strategy or tips, it is vital to understand the objectives of the game. The aim of the game is to form the strongest possible hand with three cards at hand. Usually, in the traditional poker game, the hand is formed with five cards. Depending upon the potential of a player’s existing hands, they can decide whether to fold the cards or challenge the dealer.

 In traditional poker, the players compete against each other but in three cards poker the players compete against the dealer. So, the environment is more fun and less competitive. The player wins the game when they have a card hand value higher than that of the dealer. Even if the player does not beat the dealer, they can win money through Ante and keeps the Play Bet.

Here is an important part of the three card poker guide that is understanding the hand rankings of the cards:

  • Straight Flush : Includes the highest cards of the same suits. For example, all the Ks, Js and Qs
  • Flush : Three cards belonging to the same suit but not necessarily in the sequence. Eg: 3h, Th, Kh
  • High Card: The highest card in consideration. This comes into play when another hand is formed.
  • Pair: Two cards belonging to the same rank but of different suits. Eg: 9h and 9c

The gameplay is really simple and exciting with plenty of fun-filled steps. All you have to do is understand the basics and the payouts of the game. Then open an account in one of your favorite and safe online casino gambling sites. You are all set to play three hand poker following an amazing three card poker guide.

Three Card Poker Guide – Best Strategies to Follow

Here is a fabulous set of strategies according to a three hand poker guide that can help you to not only win the game but also make the maximum benefits out of it.

Starting Hands

Start bluntly with the hands but play above Q-6-4. You can plan to fold every other card. The target of starting by such hands is to reduce the house edge to the lowest to keep the winnings at maximum. Also, such hands are lowest in value that allows the players to win the Play Bet and Ante. The dealer on the other hand will play with a lowest hand of Q-3-2 with Queen as the minimum.

Go For the Highest Payouts

The success of a three cards poker game depends on the highest payout cards to be chosen. If you manage to play with the best paying cards, you can leave easy money on the table that enhances house edge. At a glance these would not seem significant, but as it accumulates, the results become significant.

Avoid 6 Card Bonus

If you are aiming for a high win in the three card poker game, always avoid the six card bonus. Some casinos allow this wager only to make the player lose money. The 6 card bonus bet gives the casino a higher edge over the players. So. Most online casino platforms promote this but it is best to avoid.

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Three card poker guide is a fun guide that gives an exciting edge to the players. With the rules and suitable strategies at hand, players can master the art of the game and make the best profits out of it. If you can truly find the highest possible payouts from the guide, there is no way you have to look back. Simply opt for the winning combinations, learn more about the payouts and keep all of them in mind. Lastly, play more often and win big rewards.

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