A Complete Guide To The Poker 3-Bet Strategy & 3-Bet Ranges

Poker 3-Bet

The term poker 3-bet means the first re-raise mostly before the flop. It could also refer to the first re-raise after the flop. The third bet in the game of poker is that a player raises only after a 2-bet or pre-flop in the initial stage. It is more common in online poker games as compared to the physical offline games. The poker 3 bet is a very strong move and wasn’t really popular in the initial days of the game. It became one of the most in-demand and trendiest poker moves after being used in Texas Hold’em.

The poker 3-bet in a way forces the other players on the table to fold and in fact secludes the weaker players from the game. One of the biggest advantages of implementing poker 3-bet is building up the pot and enhancing payout sizes.

Types of Poker 3-Bet Ranges

Let us now understand the different types of 3-bet ranges

Polarized Range

In this strategy, the player mostly plays their strongest hand however occasionally interspersed with the weaker hands. In this type of range, poker bluffing can be quite beneficial at times. The best type of hands to play in polarized range are suited connectors.

Strong Range

3-betting with only the strongest hands like aces or kings is characteristic of strong range. It is tough on the player for equity calculation at any time because the stronger players at table- the ones who pay closer attention to details will easily catch on and make a fold happen.

Merged Range

This is to be applied only when your opponents are truly skilled. You can use it only on the most premium hands and sometimes on the next best hands. Experts say that it is best to practice merged range only with the top 5% of the cards.

When to Play a Poker-3 Bet?

Whether a novice or a pro player, the one intriguing question to deal with is – when to 3-bet in the game of poker? Well, 3-betting is the current favorite of players to build a heavy poker pot and is truly used in aggressive poker playing. Aggressive playing by amateurs does not always end up in a loss as most people might think. Blind stealing is an associated concept in poker. When some pro players can open a raise that too from a late position while stealing the blind, the 3-betting strategy is used to practically define the blind while counteracting this move.

Is Poker 3-Bet Always a Great Strategy?

While poker 3 bet can be a powerful poker tool, it can never be used always. The core idea is selective deployment of the strategy to gain the maximum benefits out of it. The ideally expected outcome of a 3-bet in poker is a call from the weaker hands, a fold from the stringer hand and a draw from the relatively poor odds. While planning a poker-3 bet, if you do not see any of these to come along, it is better not to indulge in that poker 3-bet always.

Playing a Successful Poker 3-Bet

To play a poker 3-bet, here are three simple steps you need to follow:

Size Determination

Theplayer should be well aware of the size of the bet they can afford. It is not wise to play minimal poker 3-bet because the other players will get good odds for calling a wider hands range. The best amount to get started with is two times the open raise amount.

Limiting the 3-Bet Range

The worse is your position on the poker table, the tighter should be your poker 3-bet range. While, the blinds are the best position to act upon, you might be in an earlier position as well where the players behind you might have a better hand.

Observing the Initial Raiser

Watching the position, action and movies of the initial raiser is beneficial for any player. If the initial raiser has a truly strong hand, you need to be mindful about how you will play your game.

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Final Words

Always remember it is your goal to make your opponent fold their cards. Some might confuse it with the post flop move but it is different. Poker 3- bet aims at an aggressive 3 fold move. To make the moves profitable for yourself, your opponents should fold almost close to 66% of the times. This ensures instant profit. 3-Bet signifies value addition in the game but is always advised to start slow and never bet too much. For better results focus more on the size and timing of the bet.

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