A Beginners Guide On Teen Patti Online

teen patti online

Beginners Guide on Teen Patti Online – How to Play – Strategies and Rules

Teen Patti is one of the most played and popular gambling games in Asia. It has been a popular Indian game for centuries and now played online. Most online gambling platforms in India, Bangladesh and Asian countries offer Teen Patti Online games. It quite resembles the fun and smart card game of Three-Card Brag. The gameplay is fast. Teen Patti Online even has multiple variations that makes it even more exciting.

How to Play Teen Patti Online Game?

If you are completely new to the world of Teen Patti, here are the super easy and simple steps to follow to play the game accurately

Step 1 : Dealer Selection

The first step in the Teen Patti game is to select the player who will begin dealing the cards. Usually the dealer changes in each game round, the chances passing from one to another. The turn shifts in the clockwise manner.

Step 2 : Ante

The next step is to place an ante. The antes from each player will be cumulatively collected in the single pot. This pot is to fight for. Step 2 is often considered as one of the most crucial steps in the game because it sets the game level. The usual capping limit of the pot is 1024 times the ante. This applies to almost all the teen patti games that are played without a limit.

Step 3: Card Receiving

The dealer who was selected in the first step will now deal the cards – usually three in number to each player and in a face down position. The players usually receive the cards in a clockwise direction.

Step 4: First Player Starts the Act

The game starts with the first player on the left. The player can either act as blind (without card seeing) or play even by seeing the card. When he plays the blind version, player can either choose to fold, either call the ante to double or quadruple. Raising it to double is the most usual action. The bet made by the player is usually termed as stake.

Step 5: Continuing the Game

The acting saga continues and proceeds in the clockwise direction. Ecah player has the option of either folding, calling or raising either as a seen player or a blind player. The betting limit vries and mostly depends upon the stake standards set by the current player. The stakes if the player acts blind is usually 1X or 2X and if they act seen is 2X or 4X.

Step 6: Side Show

Though this is not very common, it can still be practiced at times. Generally when two seenplayers act consecutively and at least three more players are left to act, the current acting player requests a side show from the previously acting player. It is up to the previous player to accept or deny the request. Here is the ranking chart of the hands ranging from best to worst

  • Trail / Trio / Set – Best Hands
  • Straight Flush or Pure Sequence – Second Best Hand
  • Straight / Sequence / Run – Third Best Hand
  • Flush / Color – Fourth Best Hand
  • Pair – Fifth Best Hand
  • High Card – Worst Hand

tep 7 : Showdown

If only two players are left in the teen patti game, the players can demand for a final showdown. The player who does not call for a final showdown can either call or fold. If the showdown occurs, the player with the highest card ranking wins the entire money of the pot.

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Strategies to Win Teen Patti Online

If you want to win the Teen Patti Online game, here are some of the best strategies to follow:

  • Avoid side bets if you are looking for a long term value. Side bets are usually very attractive and offer almost an insane level of payout of something close to 1000X. However, they are best for short term wins because if you fail to win, it can pose a blow to your bankroll.
  • Learning the hand values is super helpful for performing better at the game. If the player has a fair knowledge about the hand rankings and the values, it is best to pursue the same. Teen Patti hand values are really easy to understand if you have already played Poker.

Lastly, practice makes you perfect. The more you devote time to the game and understand its variations, the better your performance gets. Watch other player’s reactions as you play. Managing the bankroll and appropriate timely collection of your winnings are one of the best ways to ace your teen patti online game.

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