7 Card Blackjack Game – Learn the Rules And Tips To Win

7 Card Blackjack

7 Card Blackjack is also best known by its popular name – the British Blackjack. Usually, the game is played with one deck of cards, but the number of decks can increase based on the number of players. The game goal is to eliminate all the cards at hand as quickly as possible. The fastest player, in this case, is the game winner. The game starts and continues with 7 cards for each player, hence the name.

7 Card Blackjack – Basic Rules to Understand

The rules are pretty simple and not rocket science.

  • At least two players are required to play the game of 7 card blackjack. The player sitting to the left of the dealer will start the game.
  • A player can only place a particular card when it matches the card already revealed from the stack – it could be through suit or rank. If the player does not have a matching card, they will draw a new card from the stack.
  • The player can play two consecutive cards at the same time. They can even play all their cards at one go, only they have to shout “Cards” when they do so. If they do not shout, a penalty will be imposed.
  • One of the blunders you would surely want to avoid in the 7-card blackjack game is playing the wrong card. Players will be penalized for this blunder by drawing two extra cards and removing the already played card.
  • When the player has only one last card remaining, they must shout out loud, “Last Card”. Players can also indicate the previous card by tapping on the table. Failing to do so will cost them two additional dealt cards.
  • Most players have a myth that since the game’s name is 7-card blackjack, only the 7 card can be used as a reverse card. In reality, a King, 3, or a 10 can also be utilized as a reverse card in this game.

7 Card Blackjack – Gameplay

The gameplay of 7 card Blackjack is somewhat different from that of the traditional game. The game starts with the dealer distributing 7 cards to each player and themselves. The rest of the cards in the deck are put in a stack in the face-down position. The game starts with the revelation of the first card of the deck. The next player in line to place the card matching this first revealed card is the one on the dealer’s left.

It is vital to understand what this matching card signifies. Matching the card means a card of the higher value of the same suit. You cannot place cards of lower value even if they are of the same suit. The game will continue as long as the player can keep the cards going. When no more matching is possible, they must draw a card from the face-down deck.

Practice and also watch game videos for better game understanding.

Tips to Win When Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Game

Cards With Special Importance in the Game

Some cards are important in the 7 card blackjack game. Players must take note of these to use them wisely in their gameplay for better profits:

  • Card 2: Playing a 2 in the game simply means that the player next in line will either pick up 2 cards or put two cards down. This cycle will continue until there arrives a player who has no 2 cards in the game.
  • Ace: Whenever players drop an ace card, they can decide which will be the next card suit in the game. However, players should note that an ace cannot neutralize the importance of other special cards like 8, J, or 2.
  • Card 10: If a player plays a card 10, the game will now proceed in the reverse direction. The direction will continue until another player puts a 10 card down.
  • Card 8: Playing card 8 simply means the next player in line will kiss their chance in the game.
  • J: Playing a J card means the next player in line will pick up five cards to proceed with the game

Final Words

These rules are applicable for the brick-and-mortar and online versions of the game. Now Play 7 card blackjack games at the best and most reputed online casino platforms like Crickex, Jeetwin, and Marvelbet. These are reputed and safe online sites to play the game. With the best strategy and careful planning, players can make huge profits from the game of 7 card blackjack. It is equally fun and exciting for the novices and advanced players. Don’t miss out on your chances of a big win.

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