5 Tips For Winning Big At Poker While Playing Small Stakes


Poker is a game of big wins. But not everyone starts off with huge stakes investment in poker. Especially for the mature, who haven’t really learned the ways of the game, playing smaller stakes is an easier and safer option.

Best Poker Tips for Small Stakes Game

Winning big is the primary reason for playing games like poker but the key to making it there lies in some small stakes poker tips. Here are the top notch and proven strategies or poker tips to win big :

Double Barrel

Double barrel is not a great strategy when playing in huge amounts. However, it proves its worth when playing in lower stakes. In this mode, the player continues to bet on the flop and then follows it up when turn comes. When playing with small stakes,the game appears to have a fixed limit even though in reality it is no limit. Through a double barrel. You can create an illusion that you are a serious player with a higher hand and that way you can have the pot. If you face an opponent who will never call you down with draws or weak pairs you can definitely try out this strategy.

Blind Stealing

Yes, you heard that right players steal the blind. Not stealing the blind is simply letting go of so many great opportunities at poker. When the cards are folded to you in the button or cut off position, the most ideal strategy is to steal the blinds. Experienced players quote that the game can get leveled up by almost 30% to 40% by applying this strategy. The only thing to keep in mind is, you should raise the amount only till it is playable.

River Bluffing

Most opponents that you will face in online poker are of the weak-tight type. They do not have any particular nature and keep on drifting their gameplay as per the call of the situation. Most of these opponents will never claim for a showdown unless they are confirmed that they have a strong hand. River in a poker game is a spot where some big values can be made. Even if you are unsure about your winning possibilities, make a bet at the river point, because that’s how you can make the maximum amount out of your small stakes at play.

Three Bet Light

Place very light three-bets against your opponent just before the flop. Three betting simply means re-raising the open bets of your opponents with your not so great hands. Don’t do it if your cards are totally junk, but you can try it with the suited aces, connectors or other small pairs. Following this poker tip, you can make even if not plenty, but some respectable money. Through this move, you will also trace your opponent’s mentality and then decide to place more value bets which can help win big.

Raising the Draws

One of the most under rated poker tips is the suggestion to raise your draws. This is a great way to exploit the opponent’s tendencies. Through this strategy, you should aim to play the draw hands like flush draws ir 8 outs faster than you usually do. The easiest way to do this is to initially raise the flop bet value followed by betting at any random turn.

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Exploitation Tips for Low Stakes Poker Game

  • Keep your open raising range flexible. It should depend on how loose or tight the players in the queue are.
  • When using bluff or value bet in poker, decide wisely on the post flop bet sizes. This also helps to target weak areas of the opponent.
  • Always use a variable c-bet frequency against opponents who are into infrequent check -raises. Avid this if your opponent is too aggressive
  • Use over-folding only against those opponents who do not bluff in the game.

Final Words

When playing poker, you must accept that not everyone will win big at the game. This assumption is even more valid when you are playing with low stakes. But what makes you a winning player in spite of playing at small stakes is how well you can exploit these smaller edges. In fact, the golden rule of low stake cash games is – don’t try to balance instead try to exploit. So, find out loopholes in your opponent’s strategy and make the best use of it. Also, try to be flexible and make adjustments because that’s the key to boost your win rate at low stakes in poker.

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