3 Card Poker Online Game: A Complete Guide

3 card poker

3 card poker is one of the most fun-filled and exciting video poker games. Created in 1994, this one continues to be a favorite of the poker fanatics across the globe. One of the leading casino personalities, Derek Webb, functionally devised it. It is different from traditional poker of three cards. It is much simpler, featuring very rapid gameplay. 3 card poker is not quite competitive because the players compete against the dealer rather than among each other. It is ideal for beginners and advanced players, seasoned with fun, excitement, and strategic gameplay. Let us understand how to play the game and how to ace it.

The game’s objective is simple: players must create the most substantial possible card hand with three cards. In traditional poker, pliers usually do this with five cards. Players must strategically decide the potential of the cards and whether to challenge the dealer based on it. The game’s ultimate goal for a win is to beat the dealer’s hand. The player will win only when they have a superior hand over the dealer. If the dealer fails to qualify, the player has even better options for winning on the Ante bet.

How do you play the 3-Card Poker Game?

Here are the basic steps to play the 3 Card Poker game:

Understand the Basics

Since this game is a little different from the traditional poker game, it is vital to understand the basics before proceeding. Not only the rules but also paying heed to the game’s objectives. Knowing the card rankings is also pivotal in the game.

Game Start

The 3 card poker game starts with the players placing bets on the various wagers. Usually, the one to get started with is the Ante bet. This is the first type of wager to get started with. All the players need to start placing bets with this initial wager. Players place additional bets with the primary ante wager, mainly as the Pair Plus Bet. A pair-plus bet benefits the players because it depends on how their hands work.

Placing Bets

After the bets are placed, it is time for the dealer to deal three cards to each player in the game and themselves. Each card will be handled in the face-down position. Once each player can access the three cards, it is time for the hand assessment. If you are a novice in this game, this step is likely the most crucial because it is in this step that you decide your strategy. The set of cards you receive will determine the next step and all the future ones.


The primary decision that each player needs to make is whether to Fold or Continue. When a player decides to play, they have to place a bet that would equal their Ante bet, and if they decide to fold the game, their Ante and Pair Plus bet will be forfeited for the time being. Along with the players. The dealer also reveals their hand at this stage. The dealer must have a Queen or a card higher than that to win over. If the dealer does not have these cards, the player will win the ante bets, and even the play bets will be returned.

Game Showdown

The 3 card poker game shows down with a revelation of cards from both ends. The player and dealer compare their cards, and the higher hand wins. It is now time for the payouts. If the player has a higher hand, they will win the Ante and Play bets. If the dealer has higher cards, the player will lose both bets. And if the player has made pair-plus bets, they will be paid according to the paytable rules.

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Strategies to Win the 3-Card Poker Game

Here are some of the best strategies that beginner and advanced players can employ to make their game a success:

  • The start of the game is the most crucial phase. If you don’t know much about the game, the best way to get started is to start with the Q-6-4 combination if available. This combination restricts the house edge to the minimum. This lowest hand ensures a win on the Ante and Play bets.
  • The biggest and highest possible bets are the most profitable in the game. For example, in this game, the 8-1 bets work better than the 10-1 bets. In this game, even minute fluctuations in the bet can cause big changes in the final payout.

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