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Slow Playing

If you are well acquainted with holdem and abide by the popular holdem tips, there is no way you have missed the term slow playing.  The term slow playing is mostly applicable to no-limit Holdem. This is not quite relevant to the literal meaning of the word. In fact slow playing in Holdem refers to a situation when a player plays their strong hands in a weak fashion, to help in adding more chips to the poker pot and make the win big. 

Here are some of the best Hold’em tips to follow for facilitating slow playing in Hold’em. 

Do’s – Must Follow During Poker Holdem 

Slow Playing

Here is where the real meaning of the term comes into action. You actually need to take the game slow, especially when you have opponents who tend to bet aggressively. Betting against the most aggressive bettors in a post flop situation, helps the players to take the game at their own pace. 

Playing Good Cards

Most players might not want to accept it, but playing good cards is so important when it comes to betting in Poker. By following the rules of statistics if you play with the top 20% cards in the game, the chances of winning also increases by multifolds. One of the many reasons why players lose even when slow playing is because they deal with a lot of trash cards.

Do Consider the Position in the Game

A winning tip in Texas Holdem is ensuring that most of the game is played from the preflop charts above your position. The best positions to play are the two seats that are directly to the right side of the blinds. These seats are often called the buttons and cutoff respectively. 

Study the Poker Hands

You can aim for the big wins only when you have studied the poker hands wisely. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in all respects and win like a pro in the game of Texas Holdem it is best to study the hands suitably. It is also by studying the hand that you come to know which hand is suitable for the game and which ones will create leaks for you. 

Be at Your Best all the Time

In poker holdem, whether it is the slow playing or any other strategy, you cannot trust the time. So, to make it a winning move always, players must always bring on their A game because you never know which is the best time. It is all about improving your performance in poker. 

What to Avoid? – Don’ts in Poker Hold’em

Now we have talked enough about the do’s in the game. It is time to talk about some of the don’ts in the game. 

Never Tilt Too Often

The first don’t is perhaps the decision of not tilting. One of the biggest reasons for failure in the game is over tilting. Most players lose because of their tendency to over tilt in the game. Getting run over by bad luck in the game of poker hold’em is quite common and can happen even during slow playing. However, tilting can never be the option to overcome the situation. Playing aggressively to overcome the situation is never a good enough choice.

Never Challenge Excellent Poker Players

It is never a great choice to play against the OGs of the game. You should always target the bad players of the game. Wild players are often considered the bad type of players against whom you can actually secure a win in Holdem. To be honest, the money comes from the wild and loose amateurs in the game. 

Don’t Wait for Too Less

Never wait for the below average hands in poker holdem especially when the players in front of you are amateur. There is hardly anything you will gain out of it. Playing too tight is never a good option for winning. Playing high with suited connectors paves the way for bigger and more confident wins in the game

Never Lose Confidence

Texas Holdem is a game of strong nerves. Most of the best rated players are often called aggressive in the game, but it is not true. Be confident and never lose nerves because that is all what matters.

Don’t be Reluctant on Bluff Raise

Post flop bluff raising can be one of the best ways to confuse your opponents. Bluff raises are the most confident way to deal with the game.

With the tips mentioned above, you can surely ace your Texas Holdem game. 

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